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#107 first time viewing

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That's My Boy [2012]

Oh well .... i took one for the team. This movie is really bad but not THAT bad !

The premise in itself is fine and some elements in the movie are really good. But every medal got 2 sides and it's clear that the downside is over-represented. So , instead of trying to making narrative criticism of this movie like usual , I'll go the retard way and make a pro and con list. It's up to you to make a decision if you want to see this movie. ( Yes ... not rating it ! )

- Andy Samberg's character : as the love child , he clearly is disgusted most of the time yet i'm not sure if it's really the character or the fact he accepted to star in this movie. Which makes it even better when he gives in the ( very short ) " I missed you dad" sequence.

- Soundtrack : if you grew in the 80s and liked hard rock , this is probably the best soundtrack ever with Metallica - Def Leppard - Van Halen - Ratt - Kiss - Rush - The Cult and Motley Crue. Honestly , it ranks right up there with the Wedding Singer music soundtrack in the nostalgia category.

- Vanilla Ice : at first i was like , wtf he just makes jiggly moves but eventually he does have dialogue lines and it funny. And yes , it's more than just a cameo , he is actually a big part in the movie even if he is playing himself. Can't hate washed-up and forgotten "celebrities" that are willing to stomp on their pride and just go with it. I'd say Vanilla Ice delivered 50% of the funny stuff . I can't help but giggle at his "WIIIIIII I'M A WATER FOUNTAIN ! " line

- The teacher played by Eva Amurri Martino ( younger version ) and Susan Sarandon ( older version ) .... bringing actual mother and daughter was brilliant. Would not have noticed that if i didn't have IMDB'd Eva after her stint in Californication. Probably the most realistic part of the movie!

- Will Forte ... Will is always great. Period.

- Adam Sandler's character: another good-willing retard character talking like someone is pinching his nose the whole time. Fuck that voice Adam !

- Running Time ( almost 2 hrs ) : I think this is the BIGGEST flaw of the movie. I found it not that bad for first hour and like i said before , some parts are funny but after the bachelor party , i honestly thought the movie was riding in the sunset to a nice conclusion. NOPE ! 45 more minutes to go.

- Granny sex .... again ?

- WAZZUP jokes !!!

- "Morality and the Ending maiden" : in a sense , the movie had a great basic idea and you can sense that the writers wanted to create more than a gross-out comedy but in the end , either they failed every god damned part of the way or the studio rewrote the story along they went along.

The last scene in the bar with Adam and Andy facing off on the morale of the story was most infuriating.

Since Adam's character is facing 3 years in jail because he can't pay the 50k$ he owes the IRS , it goes like this ....


Adam : well i'm off to jail tomorrow son
Andy : dad , let's me pay that for you
Adam : no son , it's part of growing up ... i need to do this to become a real father

..... Random guy rushes in the bar .....

Random guy : Check the TV !!!!!
Adam : What for ?
Random guy : that fat guy you bet 20$ to win the marathon at 8000:1 ... he's winning.... you'll wing 160k$

.... fat guy close to winning but trips , gets up and still manage to win ...

Whole bar goes HOORAYH !!!!
End of movie.

- Too many "2 scenes/10 seconds" characters.

- Dilemna : as a guy , i know a female teacher or 2 that i really would have liked to bang in my high school years but as i got older ( and started banging girls my own age ) this is just as twisted as an old guy banging 14 yo girls. Why is this ok to cheer when little boys bang their mature female teachers but we want to kill mature male teachers banging young girl students. Some subjects just can't be turn into convenient jokes even if i LOL'd a couple of time. Hence the dilemna.

Like i said , this movie is more of a mess than anything .... NO RATING!
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Fuck me .... double post !
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Children of Men



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It's the sort of film you're looking forward to seeing again while you're still watching it. Certainly miles more entertaining than any other recent Bond, maybe the best one; in terms of pure entertainment value it maybe the best film of the year.

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Cloud Atlas(2012)-8/10
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#108 first time viewing just finished

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You Can't Beat Love - An attorney decides to run for mayor and falls for his opponent's daughter. It's a pretty silly film but at least has no pretensions of being anything greater. The ending was just stupid though. Joan Fontaine was entertaining while everyone else was a little dull. 4/10

Shortcut to Happiness - Alec Baldwin sells his soul in order to become a successful author then tries to back out of the deal. A story that's been done before and much better than this turd. 3/10
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Hocus Pocus
The Game

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#109 first time viewing just finished

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Dead Snow(2009)-8/10
Old 10-31-2012, 05:28 AM

In Time - 5/10
Cant believe the guy that made the brilliant Gattaca also made this crap.
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the last haul starts now


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Well, finally watched it and......beautifully shot garbage imo.

Aside from some amazing visuals and two brave, powerhouse performances this is film made by a man so high on his own ego it's insane. Throwing the word pretentious around is easy to do, and I try not to do it but damn it if this movie wasn't just that.

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watched #112


now watching #113

haven't watched this in a very long time so will give rating later
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Originally Posted by sarah1980 View Post
now watching #113

haven't watched this in a very long time so will give rating later
rate it as 7/10


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Originally Posted by poopontheshoes7 View Post

Well, finally watched it and......beautifully shot garbage imo.

Aside from some amazing visuals and two brave, powerhouse performances this is film made by a man so high on his own ego it's insane. Throwing the word pretentious around is easy to do, and I try not to do it but damn it if this movie wasn't just that.

But... but... but... he's the greatest film director in the world. He said so!

I am of the opinion that Antichrist is just a big joke, to see if people would take it seriously. Though I was at a Q&A with it's director of photography, Anthony Dod Mantle, where he did convincingly state Lars von Trier was severely depressed during it's production. Who knows? It's an interesting film, but I doubt anyone could wholeheartedly recommend it.
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Fun Size(2012)-6/10
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Pre-RoboCop Verhoeven that sees Rutger Hauer’s Martin and his motley gang of medieval mercenaries exacting revenge on crooked Italian lord Arnolfini, who made the mistake of using their services and deciding not to pay when the war was over. Big fucking mistake, broseppe. Big props first to Verhoeven’s production designers and cinematographer, who bring new meaning to the term “luxuriant ugliness”. On the acting front, Hauer is in his early ‘80’s prime here, dashing and dangerous, and Jennifer Jason Leigh is given one of the more unconventional damsel roles to grace a Dark Age epic as the seemingly sweet and innocent Princess Agnes, engaged to Arnolfini’s son, who gets kidnapped by Martin’s group during an ambush. What follows is a “love triangle” bereft of romanticized chivalry when Leigh’s character develops a unique cunning by necessity, using her intelligence and feminine wiles to survive rape, humiliation and worse. It’s a brilliant strategy that works only too well, and makes the final half of the film – including a suspenseful sequence involving an outbreak of Black Plague, and a violent siege on Martin’s sacked castle – that much more unpredictable as the ‘80’s action movie it basically is at the core.

-> 8/10
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For Your Eyes Only(1981)-8/10
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Dark Water - If it wasn't for Jennifer Connelly or Pete Postlethwaite this would have been a terrible film. The story was a bit dull but those two characters had at least some depth. All that water damage looked gross too. 5/10

Curtains - Another pretty boring film this one from the slasher genre. Some actresses go for an audition at a producers isolated home where they are picked off one by one. It was pretty obvious that one of the girls was killing off the others and I really didn't care which one. Hell I could barely tell them apart. 4/10
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Frankenweenie (2nd time in cinemas)
Trick R' Treat
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#118 just finished


now watching #119

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Silent Hill(2006)-8/10
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A Slit-Mouthed Woman - 6/10
Disappointing and not at all creepy, not sure whether to even bother with the sequels.
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#121 and the last one in my 31 days of horror marathon

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Gripping and moving true story of of Leopold Socha, a sewer worker in the Nazi-occupied Polish city of Lwów
who hid jews in the sewer system.

Scale of 1-10 a 10
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and so it starts

Old 11-01-2012, 01:26 PM
Poltergeist - 7.5/10
Perfect Sense - 8/10
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Silent Hill: Revelation(2012)-6/10
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Under Suspicion (1991) - A pretty boring crime thriller in which Liam Neeson tries to find out who killed his wife and the man she was trying to frame for adultery. The plot is really predictable and there really isn't anything else that stands out. There really wasn't a reason for this film to be made. 4/10

The Shape of Things - Wow. The scene where Rachel Weisz reveals her intentions in dating Paul Rudd is just brutal. Everything prior to that scene was rather dull but that one scene made this film - not great - but a lot better. 6/10
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now watching

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