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I have a few Ginger Rogers movies on my DVR so I'm going to spend a couple of days watching those.

It Had to Be You - This was sort of a romantic comedy with a bit of fantasy thrown in. Rogers' dreams of the man she was meant to be with and he manifests himself into reality to lead her to his real world counterpart. The trouble is she's already engaged to another man. This was sort of a weird one but it was fun. 7/10

Twist of Fate - One of the men Rogers is seeing ends up dead and the evidence points to her and another lover. This was dull and convoluted at the same time. Rogers was fine but everything else was a bit of a mess. 4/10
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Not this time. Sort of plays out like Dogtooth 2, with slightly different angle - but at 87 minutes it's a bore and a mess and not in the least compelling, even in comparison to Attenberg. At least I got some eye candy with the scorching hottie Ariane Labed

Mm. Definitely added points and balanced out the irritation I had with this film.

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If you want a job doing right get Spielberg, on the other hand if you want to make an epic right get Daniel Day-Lewis. So this pretty much has the outright winning formula and 'Oscar' stamped across its forehead before you've even sat down. A biopic, about some American guy with dubious facial hair, beats me but the Yanks seem to think he's pretty important.

The films kicks off straight away in a battle, a rain soaked battle to the death with hordes of American soldiers literately at each others throats, stumbling around in thick knee high pools of mud. Everywhere we see men being bayonetted to death or trampled into the mud, the men are mostly black, a lead to the core of the story, yeah its taboo history right here, black slavery.

Now I'll admit I was kinda thinking we would see plenty of bloody gritty civil war action in this film, or at least hints of it. The start of the film does give that impression and I was gearing up for a right royal historical blitzkrieg but alas!! the start sequence is all we get and not a drop more. Yes this film is completely and utterly dialog driven as it follows Lincoln from one meeting to another with every figure/group/party of the time.

Now this isn't a bad thing and I wasn't bored a tall amazingly, the film looks so lavish, realistic and atmospheric I found myself merely enjoying the old ambiance of late 18th Century life. Its strangely calming and very pleasant to just sit back and take in all the sights and sounds, you can almost smell certain scenes they look so vivid and luscious.

The cast is impressive, it seems everyone wanted a piece of this practically guaranteed unstoppable Spielberg Oscar machine. Yet I found myself thinking (again) that its the rest of the cast that actually outweigh Day-Lewis. Yes DDL is the man, the king of epics, but his performance here is very quiet, very slow almost sombre, with the odd little sequence where he perks up a bit. Now of course I realize this is obviously deliberate and how Lincoln must have been but for me he is almost swallowed up by his fellow actors and their performances, Tommy Lee Jones, Hal Holbrook, Jackie Earle Haley, David Strathairn, Sally Field...hell even James Spader is good here.

I do think that DDL has rightly earned his reputation in films like this, but I also feel he seems to be getting automatic hype and praise in this film from that reputation when really its all the other players that really shine. Personally I felt Mr Lewis has been matched and beaten well and truly here, the strength of the cast is too great, kudos of course for all.

There isn't really anything I can say about the film in a negative view. Yes its mostly political dialog but its accurate, real, which is good, but I can understand that many won't enjoy that. The only thing I didn't really like was the way Lincoln's death was included. That may sound odd but showing Lincoln on his deathbed with doctors at his side, from my own artistic point of view, wasn't required. That's all they show, they don't reconstruct the actual assassination but it just seems clunky, strips the film of a solid dramatic ending and kinda takes away the legendary aspect of the man by showing him at the end of his life.

Ironically the ending of the film 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' was done in a much more thoughtful way, it doesn't show anything, just leaves it to history and what we all know. I think 'Lincoln' should have ended when we see the President walking off down a corridor in the White House, watched by his servant, leaving for the Ford's Theater. For Spielberg that's a surprising wasted chance for a nice emotional finale there.

So yes, a reasonable knowledge of American civil war/political history is required here methinks. I won't lie there is tonnes of heavy political dialog running right the way through this beast of a film and it will confuse and disorientate most folk (had me dashing for good old wikipedia on many occasions...and that was even heavier lol!).

I would also say, even though I'm no expert on this period, I'm sure certain elements have been over dramatised for the film. Always the way which I can understand of course but you can sense it clearly in many sequences. One could almost say this isn't really a film for entertainment but a lesson, a lesson that should be shown in all schools much like Spielberg's WWII epic 'Schindler's List'. Thick and slow going but rewarding no doubt.
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Gangster Squad - 5/10
Old 01-10-2013, 02:51 AM

Dead Man's Letters -9/10
This is 40 -5/10
Interrogation -8/10
The Impossible -7/10
Cosmopolis -6/10
Miami Connection -7/10
Ted -7/10
Django Unchained -8/10
Les Miserables -5/10
Safety Not Guaranteed -8/10
All These Women -6/10
Adam's Rib -7/10
Savages -5/10
Headhunters -8/10
Yaaba -8/10
The Grandmother -5/10
Conspirators of Pleasure -7.5/10
Killing Them Softly -8/10
Tiny Furniture -4/10
Ne Change Rien -8/10
A Nous la Liberte -8/10
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Originally Posted by Digifruitella View Post

Not this time. Sort of plays out like Dogtooth 2, with slightly different angle - but at 87 minutes it's a bore and a mess and not in the least compelling, even in comparison to Attenberg. At least I got some eye candy with the scorching hottie Ariane Labed

Mm. Definitely added points and balanced out the irritation I had with this film.


That girl in the second pick looks a little bit like Kristen Stewart.
Old 01-10-2013, 09:05 AM
Footloose ('84) - 5/10
Adventure Time S02-S03 - 9/10
Old 01-10-2013, 11:15 AM

The film is great up until about the third act when it starts to fall apart and can't decide how it wants to end.

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Les Miserables (6/10)

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When dealing with a Procedural Film, certain aspects must be made for the audience. The story must be made clear and understandable, there should be an anchor that drives the viewers forward and makes them invested in the events that have followed, and the direction and screenplay must be engaging. We’ve had a previous film, Ben Affleck’s Argo, which handled that type of film well enough through absolutely great direction. But Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, a film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, goes above and beyond on what a procedural film entails. Absolutely seamless, exciting, and a fantastic lead performance in Jessica Chastain, this is a film that just feels effortless.

Bigelow has gone down this route before, in terms of political films, with the more action-geared Hurt Locker. This was a film that retained Bigelow’s ongoing thematic ideals in many of her films of what drives a human to do the things that they do, the metaphorical drug that keeps them going in life. With Zero Dark Thirty, this next step feels like an absolute leap. Bigelow now has a drive in letting the story be told thoroughly, as well as convincingly. A story detailing the hunt for Osama Bin Laden could very well be a “walking on eggshells” scenario, but the storytelling done by Bigelow and her screenwriter Mark Boal do not take unnecessary detours and pit stops to keep this film from crashing.

Zero Dark Thirty is simply a train, in that it moves forward without absolutely no intention of stopping until its 157 minutes run time has ceased. The information given to the audience isn’t very “hold your hand” type of storytelling, but handled well in that it has the audience be engaged in what the characters are saying, or even thinking. Bigelow handles most of these scenes in more or less “acts”, given a simple title of where the story is going to be in regards to timeline, as well as what scenario the CIA is now dealing with in terms of Osama Bin Laden. Nothing feels out of shorts when the film switches gears to the next following mission, as Bigelow perfectly utilizes the real-world events of terrible terrorism that have been orchestrated by Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda group. There also isn’t the need to make some sort of political statement, much like her previous film The Hurt Locker, only to have the details brought to the audience and have them come out of this film with their own thoughts.

As for the performances, everyone is pretty much excellent across the board, but its Chastain that walks away from this film a complete and utter winner. She is Maya, the CIA operative that the audience follows right as she becomes involved with the Bin Laden manhunt. Most of the film Chastain brings a more subdued performance in the first acts, a quiet, intelligent storm that observes the things around her as a hopeful means to get Bin Laden. But, but by the middle and final act, she’s a fire cracking hound that will always be known and never ignored. This job is her “drug”, and she won’t recover from it until Bin Laden or any of his operatives are captured or dead.

The rest of the cast are more supporting players, with the most notable being Jason Clarke as a CIA operative in the middle of torturing prisoners who were associated with the Al Qaeda group. He brings a sense of exasperated vulnerability to the role, a man simply doing his job the only way he knows how. The rest of the cast play more of a bit part, from Mark Strong to James Gandolfini, and are all great in the scenes that they are a part of. The ensemble is just tremendous, especially the investment that they are given with the limited screen time that they have.

Zero Dark Thirty is this year’s Zodiac for me, another procedural film made in 2007 by director David Fincher that also knocked it completely out of the park. Bigelow made a film that knows where to trim the fat, but also allow exposition for the story and characters so nothing feels left out or forgotten. Kathryn Bigelow has simply a masterpiece in cinema and procedural films that is so utterly engaging and never boring, especially when the conclusion of this story is so well known.

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Promised Land(2012)-6/10
Old 01-10-2013, 05:56 PM

Quite a funny movie, with music that I do like a lot (because well, I'm a victim of glam rock).
Tom Cruise was hilarious, especially at the last half of the movie. The cast was good overall, even with Baldwin showing a lack of vocal range... but it worked for his character.
Best line in the fucking movie: "Open your mouth."

Old 01-10-2013, 06:06 PM

A twisted- dark comedy. I don't get why people were freaking about the chicken leg sequence certainly it was gross but it was not as fucked up as I expected. However, this was still a great movie with great performances all around.
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The Thick Of It: Series 4

The funniest show I’ve ever seen made for TV isn’t quite as funny as it once was with the demotion of the PM’s former political hatchet man Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) making way for more of Roger Allam’s snide sonority as new head of DoSAC, Peter Mannion. Mannion is funny in an irascibly droll sorta way, but this show is traditionally Malcolm’s to dominate with his maniacal tics and outrageous rants against office incompetence and gaffe-prone ministers. With Tucker on the other side of town in the HQ of the now powerless opposition party, he’s more subdued, like a wolf that’s had its bollocks removed. Granted, Malcolm will still be Malcolm and he doesn’t sit idly by for long in his quest to enact a political coup against the bumbling Nicola Murray (Rebecca Front), but the first few episodes do jockey back and forth between both camps and cause a noticeable lag in the big laughs that you used to get every episode from a well-timed Malcolm tirade. But there are two great moments in particular that shine as some of the best the show has ever done, one being Malcolm’s weary – and somehow, strangely poignant – explanation of what being the spin wizard of 10 Downing Street really does to someone’s soul, all jokes aside. The other is the scene where the usually docile and manipulable Glenn Cullen (James Smith) finally gets fed up and verbally picks apart and destroys everyone in Mannion’s office. Reminded me of that scene in Family Guy when a coked-up Brian does the same thing to the Griffins, one by one by one. The lack of Jamie MacDonald and the uncertainty surrounding Malcolm’s fate at the end of the finale leaves me with a hollow feeling that I hope is unfounded by the time Series 5 rolls around. If there’s even gonna be one, anyway…

-> 8/10
Old 01-10-2013, 07:39 PM
Digi, glad you're into the Greek New Wave stuff. Surprised you didn't like Alps, I thought it was fine myself but it seems to have some fervent supporters who love it more than Dogtooth.

Nothing much lately

Dredd - 7/10

Seven Psychopaths - 7/10
Old 01-10-2013, 07:57 PM
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 - ***

Surprisingly, cheesy as it is, it's actually a lot of fun. Though I couldn't help but think how much cooler the movie would have been if they had gone for an R rating rather than a more sanitized PG-13. It's kind of ironic too that Kristen Stewart's acting is far more lively and energetic as a vampire than when she was a human. And god she was absolutely luminous here. Not just gorgeous, but she had a glow about her. She lit up the screen in a way she's never has before. I also gotta say that Robert Pattinson has improved immeasurably as an actor since this franchise began. In some of the other movies he's so flat and wooden but here he's much more confident and relaxed on screen. The guy has come along way. Lautner has improved too though he still moments where he can be a little wooden.

As for the ending, the twist kind of reminded me of the twist at the end of the Nic Cage movie Next. The big difference is though that in that movie the twist, while playing fair and didn't break any of that movie's rules, nonetheless felt frustrating and anticlimatic. Not so much here. In fact, it was actually kind of clever. I chuckled.
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Day 2 of Ginger Rogers movies.

Black Widow with Van Heflin and Gene Tierney - A young playwright is found dead and a famous Broadway producer tries to discover what really happened before he is arrested. This is one of the few times I didn't like Rogers. Heflin and Tierney were fine even if the story was a bit standard. 5/10

I'll Be Seeing You with Joseph Cotten and Shirley Temple - Two people meet on a train and fall for each other but they both have dark secrets. This was better than the first film I watched today. Rogers and Cotten have good chemistry and Temple delivered a solid performance as Rogers' younger cousin. 7/10
Old 01-10-2013, 11:32 PM
Zero Dark Thirty - 8/10

I need to let it sink in before I can comment on its ideologies and that rating isn't dead set, but I will say that I found almost every minute riveting.

*Further thoughts here - http://www.joblo.com/forums/showthre...82#post3643782

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Originally Posted by someguy View Post
Digi, glad you're into the Greek New Wave stuff. Surprised you didn't like Alps, I thought it was fine myself but it seems to have some fervent supporters who love it more than Dogtooth.
I wonder if it's just my reaction to it. I just was irritated by it if anything. I liked Dogtooth the most because of - what you've also said earlier - how contained it was (which is what you didn't like about Attenberg, is that it was the opposite of it) and that Dogtooth felt more like a social experiment... which was fascinating to watch. Here it seems like a series of abstractions - for the sake of it. That's mainly why I didn't like it. But I tend to like films I previously was cold towards, upon rewatches.

I can't wait to watch L. - is there anything else from the Greeks after L. or is that the latest?
Old 01-11-2013, 05:02 PM
The Godfather - 5/5

V/H/S - 1.5/5 Review: http://letterboxd.com/rad/film/v-h-s/

Being Flynn - 3.5/5

12 Monkeys - 4/5 Review: http://letterboxd.com/rad/film/twelve-monkeys/

The Grey - 4/5 Review:http://letterboxd.com/rad/film/the-grey/

Django Unchained - 5/5 Review:http://letterboxd.com/rad/film/django-unchained/

Falling Down - 4.5/5 Review: http://letterboxd.com/rad/film/falling-down/

Safe house - 2.5/5 Review: http://letterboxd.com/rad/film/safe-house-2012/
Old 01-11-2013, 05:46 PM
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi - 9/10
Why I love this thread.
Old 01-11-2013, 06:45 PM
Battle Royale - (9.5/10) I guess the only reason is because (I am receiving The Hunger Games tomorrow) plays a bit like The Hunger Games (from what I've heard and read) this also reminds me of that movie with Steve Austin that came out last year(?) where it was basically the same scenario but it was ex-cons that were on the island but man this movie was whack...how fast some of them lost their humanity (or sanity) under all that pressure..especially that snotty girl and that kid who just both show NO mercy when it came to kill their friends only because she didn't want to lose anymore. I actually felt sympathy for this character which is hardly something you can get out of most movies out of Hollywood now a days..unless you into artsy films and films that are Oscar contenders or awards movies as the case may be.

13 Assassins - (10/10) another pure awesome movie (imho) what can you really say about this movie?

Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II (8.5/10) In my honest opinion this movie was better than the one in the Millennium series that they did where they "clone" Godzilla but with body armor. This movie had a really good monster vs monster fight sequence..more so than the 2002 Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla one.

Piranha - (3/10) *ugh* I don't know what to say about this movie. I'm not going to say anything

and finally:


Let the flaking begin. Frankly this one was the weakest compare to BB and TDK simply because it seems in writing the story out they mesh up and took liberty with a few graphic novel that this was base off. I just can't buy that Bruce Wayne - who's strength comes from watching his parents gun down in front of him and trying to get around the fact that Alfred would give up on Bruce? Not to mention that he would quit being Batman because he couldn't save Rachel? After 8 years of isolation and meeting Kyle was the basis of him going back out in to the world? the ending was just a cop-out and you gotta wonder WHEN or at what point did he eject from The Bat? As for Blake I don't think he will be Batman(even if Bruce said that Batman was just a symbol and Batman can be anyone); more like Nightwing. Then again Robin became Batman briefly in the comic till Daimon took up the mantle and subsequently Bruce came back (I didn't read the actual comic and more from what I've read and learn online). Both fight of Batman vs Bane look (to me at least) a bit wooden and just didn't have enough realism for me to believe that they were actually fighting.

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Old 01-11-2013, 08:03 PM
Cold Turkey with Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart - This is a satirical comedy in which a cigarette company offers $25 million to a town if it can go without smoking for a whole month. It's supposed to be a publicity stunt that no one would possibly do but one town does and when the contest starts the town deteriorates pretty quickly and in hilarious ways. 8/10
Old 01-11-2013, 08:08 PM

Not the Best Picture, but a good picture, anchored by a truly great central performance from Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s some of his finest work as an actor, if not to the level of Daniel Plainview in TWBB. Though at the same time, it’s not one of Steven Spielberg’s most refined accomplishments. The pace is ponderous and the production design, while beautiful in its authentic antiquity, lends the feeling that one is sitting for extended periods in dark, dusty 19th Century drawing rooms doing nothing much at all but waiting for Lincoln to get on with one of his myriad of stories or anecdotes. Day-Lewis is riveting to watch as the camera gradually pushes in closer in these moments, but getting to that point is tedious and creates a slew of dry spots. Thankfully, things are usually livened up by the fortunately timed appearances of Sally Field as the feisty Mary Todd Lincoln and Tommy Lee Jones as the incorrigible abolitionist crusader Thaddeus Stevens. I think they got nominated on their ability to slice through boredom alone, but that’s just my working theory.

-> 7/10
Old 01-11-2013, 09:10 PM

Beasts of the Southern Wild(2012)-6/10
Old 01-12-2013, 12:50 AM

Yeah, uhm. Well - OK, then?
Old 01-12-2013, 01:25 AM

Galaxy Quest(1999)-7/10
Old 01-12-2013, 10:03 AM

The Turin Horse (2011)

Westworld (1973)

Songs From the Second Floor (2000)

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927)

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The Wicker Tree - 5/10
Le sigh.
Old 01-12-2013, 11:22 AM
CHILDREN OF THE CORN (1984) - 4/10
Boring, and it doesn't help that the actual story isn't too compelling.

CHILDREN OF THE CORN (2009) - 3/10
Follows the same beats/sequence as the previous movie, but adds even more annoyance with a constantly nagging wife/couple who make me just want them to die right away. But they don't.


Right now I'm watching TAKEN 2. So far not that great. I don't care.
Old 01-12-2013, 12:52 PM
Zero Dark Thirty

A mostly gripping investigative drama that becomes a stunning master class in action and suspense filmmaking in the final 40 minutes. While not a character-driven piece, it nonetheless falls to Jessica Chastain to tether our emotional support to the proceedings, and it’s her ruthless determination through dead-end leads, fruitless and soul-killing torture, and a lot of bureaucratic hoops that the full emotional cost of the manhunt can be felt. Chastain is phenomenal in this somewhat one-dimensional role that has more than a few echoes to Claire Danes in Homeland, and her dogged insistence on pushing the courier angle is what gives her the spark of a fully realized character who lives for nothing else but Bin Laden. At one point, Gandolfini as Panetta jokes to an adviser after an Abbottabad briefing that the other analysts were cowed by her, and you can only grin and nod because who the fuck wouldn’t be? As for the torture controversy, I personally didn’t take away that torture led to any actionable intel (namely because it didn’t), but there was a part torture played in the war on terror that can’t simply be ignored, even if all it did was stain America’s moral credibility. Much as we all might like to forget the Bush administration ever happened, unfortunately it did, so I can’t really blame Bigelow for including it.

-> 8/10
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Old 01-12-2013, 05:50 PM

Singing isn't as bad and distracting as I thought it would be. However, the film still misses any emotional punch because nothing is allowed to be digested before advancing to the next musical note. Now, I know this is based on the famous book but the number of coincidences is utterly ridiculous.

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Old 01-12-2013, 07:09 PM
Zero Dark Thirty: 8/10
Old 01-12-2013, 07:21 PM
The Artist - I wasn't expecting to like this but it was pretty good. Not Best Picture good - I would have voted for Midnight in Paris - but it was still a sweet movie. I did like Berenice Bejo a lot and there were a few funny moments as well as the romance that predominated the film. 7/10

Albert Nobbs - Glenn CLose was pretty good but the rest of the film was nothing more than average. The story was decent and the other performers were hit or miss. 5/10
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