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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


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Wrath Of The Titans - 6/10
Awesome opening 25 minutes followed by 35 minutes of shite ending with 30 minutes of pick and mix awesome and shite.
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Disappearance of Alice Creed

I just saw this movie. Very well done....reminds me of those classic crime thrillers like Suicide Kings.


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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Well well Mr Cruise you certainly are looking your years these days, no matter how much makeup you trowel on yourself you can't hide it Sir. Yep despite the clear amounts of money he spends to try and keep himself looking about 35, Mr Cruise is really starting to look out of place in these types of films. His dyed over straightened hair changes shape in almost every scene and his skin complexion is looking shaky with many wrinkles breaking through, he wouldn't admit it but I think Bluray is a fresh curse for these aging movie heart throbs lol!

So a thoroughly middle aged Cruise leaps n bounds around yet another impossible mission with his rather oddly cast team of specialists. The first film was quite decent and slightly unique, almost a young Bond adventure, the second had pretty visuals but was merely a huge ego trip for Cruise while the third is possibly the best as a serious action film but not overly violent or bloody.

The main big issue with this fourth film is thus, we all knew everything about the film before it was released, the big flashy stunt in Dubai was no surprise, with all the hype they killed any big surprises in the film. This problem, although a common issue, wasn't the only problem of the over hyping, the other HUGE problem was that one stunt basically made this film a one trick pony. By this I mean the rest of the film is really rather mundane, nothing special, the only good tense fun part is the Burj Khalifa stunt and that's it, after that its back to being rather mundane again.

That is how I saw this film, I really wanted to see the Burj Khalifa stunt, it looked amazing and I was shocked to hear Cruise had done such an extreme stunt, when I saw the sequence I wasn't disappointed either as its a very sweaty palm inducing scene haha and executed brilliantly. But that was it, the whole film revolved around that one stunt! I was merely watching and waiting to see that stunt, like waiting for the Titanic to sink in 'Titanic' or the attack on Pearl Harbour in 'Pearl Harbour'...the rest was just filler.

Don't get me wrong the rest of the film is fine its just not particularly exciting, impressive or sensible that's all. The cast are all average, the humour is average, the ending is weak and Cruise never seems to get hurt much despite falling from great heights many times, jumping out of speeding cars or even driving a car deliberately off a ledge from a huge height (the dumbest least believable scene), he also never seems to have to fight anyone that actually looks threatening.

In short the film is average accept for that one sequence in Dubai, the third M.I. film is still the best as this new one really seems to be pushing the boundaries of how much of a believeable pummelling and battering 'Ethan Hunt' can take. We get it Tom...your the unstoppable action hero...even at 50.
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The Mummy's Curse(1944)-6/10
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E.T. (8/10)
Easy A (7/10)
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New York Stories - I didn't like Coppola's story but the other two were excellent. The dialogue in Woody Allen's film was really funny and Martin Scorsese's film had two very good performances by Nick Nolte and Rosanna Arquette. 7/10
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watching on bluray

gotta love pure 80s cheese

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I saw the evil dead last night. I saw the second part one first but I forgot how creepy the first one is. the second one is kind of campy

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Wrath of the Titans(2012)-6/10
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Bend of the River(1952)-8/10
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For Heaven's Sake with Clifton Webb and Edmund Gwenn - Two angels try to get a couple to realize it's time to have children. It's a fun fantasy film and the little girl was actually pretty good. 7/10

Prom - I wanted to see Aimee Teegarden in something other than Friday Night Lights. Unfortunately this is just another bland teen movie and I still can't figure out if Teegarden can actually act. 3/10
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One of last years best. Amazing.

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Overall this was a good movie. It boasted very good performances by all of it's actors especially by Lawrence and Hutcherson. Harrelson was also great. I would like to see more of the world but in the first book we don't see very much as it's all through Katniss' perspective so I can't bitch too much.
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The Hunger Games

An entertaining time at the movies. I always have and always will love the premise of peeps being dropped into a controlled environment to hunt each other (thank you, Battle Royale, you crazy, bloody bastard), but this one is too flawed for me to echo the hype machine of its box office. I imagine this would’ve been the most amazing thing ever back when I was fifteen, but its origin as young adult fiction gives itself away when the games finally get going. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is phenomenal, ranging from emotionally awkward teenager to vulnerable young girl to positively fearless warrior woman, and is the main thing holding it all together when the action sequences fail to deliver the goods. They’re too choppy to be all that intense, and the violence really should’ve been uglier after a first half hour that does a great job setting up the fearful anticipation through Lawrence’s performance. But to close this out, I’ll end on a high note – Woody Harrelson. Hollywood’s go-to guy for shoring up any movie’s supporting act credibility. Check, and mate. Game over, man. Game over… Oh, and to briefly chime in on an argument elsewhere – this is not a fucking chick flick. What... the fuck. ... Okay, now I’m done.

-> 7/10
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Man on Fire (2004)

Based on a novel which I didn't know and actually a remake of an earlier film from 1987, pretty much the same deal accept its set in Italy as at the time there were many kidnappings there.

This time Scott sets the film in Mexico City for its high scores in kidnapping and the grounded Washington takes on the role as Creasy. First thing I have to mention is how good this film looks, the Scott brothers know how to make films look sweet and this is no exception. You really get a hot humid, sweaty, sticky feel for this setting, you can sense the tension and stress on 'Creasy's' shoulders merely from the weather that swirls around him.
Mexico City is a vibrant colourful place and Scott makes full use of this with his camera angles and uneasy sequences which he seems to almost blur when combined with the native soundtrack and fast movements of the action, everything feels uncomfortable as you wait for the inevitable to happen.

The only issue I had with the film is its really quite predictable even if you have never seen the first film or read the book, Washington is stoic and owns his role but you know what's gonna happen at every turn. The film is also a bit slow really as we see 'Creasy' gradually gain 'Lupita's' trust and friendship which is needed of course but basically the fun doesn't kick in until she is stolen away, until then your just watching filler as it were.

I think the film wants to be epic but doesn't really make it, the cast is certainly aimed at a thriller epic and the musical score really really wants you to feel the emotion as it builds towards the end but I personally just didn't feel it. I think Tony tries to nick his brothers idea from 'Gladiator' with the haunting score towards the end, the kind of 'Clannad' type sounds do seem rather familiar.

Its a solid film with good performances but not as stand out as you would hope for, quite bleak and dirty with a real gritty essence but ends up becoming a typical vengeance thriller, better than most but nothing grand.
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Mirror Mirror(2012)-7/10
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This one didn't do much for me at all. 5/10

Very interesting but dragged down by some slow moments. 7/10
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Wake Island(1942)-8/10
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Taking Woodstock
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watching on bluray

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watching on bluray

the only time i watch this is when i'm rewatching the series

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Mission Impossible IV : Ghost Protocol

Loved the 1st , 2nd was meh , 3rd was ok , 4th is really good.

Still a solid franchise and Tom Cruise knows it .... but man , gimme moar Ving Rhames !!!

Simon Pegg is a solid addition ... I dont understand the IMDB trivia that say he's one of the 3 characters to appear in all 4 films tho( someone point me where he appeared in the 1st ) .

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Watched 3 movies a couple nights ago -*

ATM - 7.5/10*

Alice Eve. Need I say more? It's an entertaining thriller about three people stuck in an ATM with a psycho killer who's taken them hostage. Did I mention that Josh from Drake and Josh is also in it?


Seriously this is one of the best thrillers I've seen. The depiction of the psychotic leader was well as the kids he recruits under him is completely eerie, especially since it's based on the real murders in Australia. Definitely see this. You won't regret it.


From the director of American Psycho, Mary Harron, I was stoked to see this, especially since it's based on the best-selling book. Loved the metaphors and the horror aspects of it. Plus sapphic references? Dig it.
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watching on bluray

and a great swan song for the original crew

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The Corridor - 7/10
The Cat - 7/10
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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen(2012)-6/10
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Hell Is for Heroes(1962)-8/10
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Take Shelter - 9/10
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Men in White with Clark Gable and Myrna Loy - The story of a doctor and his professional prospects and personal problems. I liked Loy as his fiance and of course Gable was good too. The story was a little thin though. 6/10

Love is Better Than Ever with Elizabeth Taylor - Taylor is a dance teacher who gets involved in a scandalous relationship with a talent agent. The story is predictable but Taylor sure did look good. 5/10

Topaz - Hitchcock film about a spy ring during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The mystery was interesting if a little confusing at times. I didn't really care for the way the film ended however. 6/10
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Captain America: The First Avenger (Joe Johnston, 2011)

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The Adventures of Tintin

Watch it for the beautiful animation, Spielberg’s effortless sense of adventure storytelling, and the nonstop hilarity and occasional pathos of Andy Serkis’s alcoholic sea captain with an unquenchable thirst and a big family secret. And of course there’s the dialogue, which if I’m not mistaken owes most of its best lines to Edgar Wright (or it felt like it was probably the case, between the three credited writers). After that, it’s nothing less than a disappointment the likes of Crystal Skull, which to me means an entertaining yarn that gets the job done in every basic way, yet fails to recapture the full breadth of emotion and movie magic of Spielberg’s best films. He raised his own bar, so you have to expect it to happen from time to time. The only weighty problem I had was the character of Tintin himself, a rather boring serial comic hero with a “Golly Gee!” attitude and a knack for stating the obvious. Fans of the source material might get something more out of him, but I didn’t. Maybe I’m missing something, but his dog Snowy had more personality.

-> 7/10
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In Bruges (9/10)
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Blech. I liked some of the music, though.
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Act Of Valor - 4/10
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watching on bluray

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Willow (6/10)
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