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American Horror Story

First off I was looking forward to this...love FX; love horror. I liked the beginning. After that I lasted till about 9mins in before I bailed.

...am I wrong or were they really trying too hard?

I still have it so I can finish it but those are my 2 cents.
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I watched the entire first episode.

1. Keep in mind this is TV, it's cable, but still TV nonetheless. Ergo, you're not going to see the levels of gore and scare that you would see at the movie theatre.

2. What did I just watch? Alot of screwing with your head going on. Different people seeing different things in different ways. Wow. Well it's got me intrigued.

3. Umm, since when does the co-creator of glee do horror? (that rocky horror ep of Glee doesn't count!)

In regards to the OP, you might have bailed a couple minutes premature. Nothing really weird starts happening until the family is some form of moved in to the house.
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I liked the show so far. Better then most of the crap on TV. It says by the co creator of glee but they also did nip/tuck and that was a good. As for the gore, I'm sure they will have some. If The Walking Dead can do it, this show can too. I plan on watching more episodes to see where it goes but so far I think its a good.

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It was pretty weak for a pilot episode, though I will keep watching and give it a chance to get better.
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After 3 episodes, the storyline starts to make a little sense. I won't spoil anything but when certain details are clarified a little in the 3rd episode, I must say the twisted factor went up a little. One of the big wtf aspects of the first episode get a bit of an explination in the 3rd episode. However, this is a horror peice we're talking about so don't expect crystal clarity.

I have to say that the show has gotten a little more entertaining in my books now that the goings on have been explained a little. The answers are more messed up than the questions!
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