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Mum Gives Boob Job Voucher To Daughter Who Is Only 7 yrs Old


Geez where is the common parenting here..

Bloody hell the girl wouldnt be developed enough to be wanting this

I also wonder why parents like this want children is it for show or love

Anyway l will let you have your opinion on this topic
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I mean, it was like 3 weeks ago when we found out the Mom who gave her 5 year-old Botox was lying, right? This seems less fishy to me given that she's promising it "when she's 16 and it's legal," but I'm hardly convinced that this isn't a hoax of some kind.
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Originally Posted by QUENTIN View Post
I hope I'm not stepping on bantameant's toes, but I trust she'll let me know if I am.

Bondgirl, this thread:


is designed as a place to post "weird," "wild," and "tragic" news stories from around the globe and this article surely qualifies. I don't think you need to create a new thread for every one, it clutters the forum.

I'll try to be more explicit this time:

Bondgirl, there is a single thread to post these types of stories, it's here: http://www.joblo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=140800

Please stop posting them all as separate thread. You're ignoring a guideline here that asks schmoes to post in the appropriate place.
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Okay l have got the mssage in another thread l did

Geez l am so sorry for starting these threads
Like l said in the other thread l made l will not be doing this again l will stick to the weird and wonderful thread from now on

Thankyou for issueing me with these two warnings

I will not do this again since you have told me l have broken a rule
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