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Krippendorf's Tribe

Well, it's like that, at least. I remember seeing something a few years ago of people like this, and the article actually mentions them. Hard to believe, especially in this day and age, if something like this can even be possible, or true.

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I guess my question is....how do they know they're "uncontacted"? I mean, without actually going in and well, contacting them, how do they know this?

I can't imagine that it's possible....but then again, I'm some Canadian girl who's never been in any corners of the Amazon, let alone remote corners.
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I was kind of thinking that too.

I did enjoy how the article says they have to view them strictly from the air though as any contact with them may spread disease that either the uncontacted people may have, and give to the archaeologists, or the archaeologists have that can give to the uncontacted people.

Or, you know, because of them being uncontacted they might just kill anyone they see out of fear for their lives.
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