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One Degree from an Oscar Winning Producer

Hi everybody,
Just discovered this site through random chance.

Don't mean to sound stuck-up or anything, but in this biz there's no room for false modesty.
I’m a screenwriter living in Hollywood just below the radar. I know the realities writers face. I am friends with Jana Sue Memel (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0578604/, http://www.hollywoodway.net/cms/, http://www.businessinnovationfactory...jana-sue-memel). She mentors me for free based on my talent, not the $200 an hour she gets professionally, (not bad for a 52 year-old who started writing five years ago!). I have turned down money from Indie Producers, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you guys. Of course, there’s a condition—
When you collect that little gold statue, I want a “thanks, you obnoxious fuck!”.
The first thing I noticed was the general disdain for coverage services.
Coverage is harsh by definition. That’s the point, and ScriptShark is the top of the line of easily available services.
Private coverage from a REAL Reader runs $100 to $200, and the hundred dollar guy ain’t worth it.
And about readers…

Mostly, they’re young twenty kids. That’s who has the power to pass on your script—or hand it up.
Four years ago when I got to Hollywood, my 20 year-old kid got a job a Morgan Creek. Two months later she was reading scripts—pass or fail.
[I was not yet to be ready to step up and call myself a Screenwriter.]
She was a budding lighting tech. Go figure.
And the moral is:

If you can’t take, “you suck!” and keep writing, quit now.
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I may use your help if you offer it. I have a script and needs a review from someone who knows how it really goes out there in Hollywood. Give me a good review and I'll thank you when I take my little golden thing, edit it for me and be my partner, and you can have your own golden thing if this or other script EVER found its way to the light :P :P
Mainly, I aim to learn and improve. So, if you r in, just let me know
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This whole forum works as coverage. Post your work, and others will critique it and give you notes. I've never spent a dollar on coverage; the advice I've gotten here has been better than any money I could have spent anyways.
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Although I am erratically here, I will help anybody I can when the chance arises.
I get by with a little help from my friends, and I aim to pass that on.
writer's group's and writer's giving one another advice is precarious at best; Telling me a turd stinks is the best thing my producer ever did for me.
The whole forum DOES NOT work as coverage.
Coverage is rarely written by writers, and virtually NEVER written by successful writers.
My kid wrote coverage straight of the street; she's the one who threw that great script in the trash before a producer ever saw it. MAKE HER HAPPY!

So post away, and I'll do what I can.
And I'm not afraid to put up.
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And your career is soaring?
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Originally Posted by geckopelli View Post
And your career is soaring?
I'm not sure why you're asking me this, but yes, my career is doing quite well.
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