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Stoner question

I must interrupt the dispelling of a bong load because this question can't wait do to lack of short term memory.

After watching the Pacific Rim trailer I was just wondering if giants would really appear to move as slow as they typically do in movies? Has anyone else ever thought of this? I just don't understand how the smaller your mass becomes the slower everything around seems to move, even though it actually isn't.
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Good question, stoned or not. You never DO see giants/monsters like King Kong, Godzilla & the like destroying shit a super speeds.... Things that make you go "hmm".
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Isn't it because its so heavy that it has to movie slow? Like the rule about ants, that if they grew to giant proportions they'd end up being crushed by the weight of their own exoskeletons? Its called a certain rule whose name escapes me at the moment.
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This is a fun article - http://fathom.lib.uchicago.edu/2/21701757/

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Its probably mostly so the monsters can appear bigger on screen.
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I believe that the Trolls in Trollhunter move quickly..I was rather surprised on how much I enjoyed it too
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This should absolutely be a stoner question haven thread . Let me light another bowl and see if anything stirs up.
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Originally Posted by The Postmaster General View Post

That's great article. Just the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks.
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Let's say we have a hundred rats. We measure the length of each of their natural resting periods, and breed the ones that rest the least. Continue this process with each new generation of rat. Think eventually we'd have a rat that hardly slept? Can't imagine this study hasn't already been done in one form or another.
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because most gigantic creations of Hollywood are modeled around the wrecking ball principle . Basically it's the Immovable Object VS the Unstoppable Force dilemna. It's almost new year , think about that when u get your next bowl
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Why is there braille on drive up ATM's?
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What if there's a little guy who's turning off the light in refrigerator?
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