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Would You Ever become A Organ Donor

Okay l am writting this because things have got alot worse for my father
I have written another thread about how sick he was and how we all thought he was going to improve

Well now the infection he has has hit the kidneys and badly damaged them meaning that he will have to go on a machine that will take the old blood out and then clense it and then it goes back in

he will soon need a double kidney transplant if things get any worse
His kidneys only have 50 percent abilty to keep running and this is not good
if it had been one kidney damaged he would have been able to go on meds and get better but since it has affected both we dont have that option

my brother and l are thinking about going as donors if we match if it gets to that point

I can tell you that if you have someone close you would almost do anything

Anyway my qestion to you

Would you be a organ donor
I know l will now if l die to save others since when you go through what we are going through it really makes you think about life
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Being honest here. I felt quite ill reading this, BG. I am sorry that things have worsened. And I have to salute you and your brothers endeavors in helping out your Dad to the point of donating organs. Wow! I am actually quite taken back by all of this. You are one very amazing person, and you have a heart of pure gold, BG. To answer your question. Yes I would in this situation. You are very brave, BG. The world needs more caring and thoughtful people like you in it. Absolutely.

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I am so sorry that is made you feel quite ill
it makes me sad to that we have reached this point
My mum was so sad and she needed my support so much the last couple of days have got quite bad
She was amazed that we would step forward to this and l have been told that you can still be well if you only have one kidney meaning my brother and l
I just which that it had not got to this but we are sticking together and trying to keep postive
it does make you think about life and also the people who are being saved by giving a nice gift like this

I want my mum and dad to be happy plus l want my dad to be well again before this he was so fit

Life is not fair
it also makes you think about life in a positive way and enjoy it when you can have it

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I would absolutely donate my organs to a loved one.
my children or my husband in a heartbeat!
my heart, liver, lungs if they needed it.

donating to a stranger though? eh..
it's something I'm torn about..

on one hand..it kinda creeps me out..
the thought of my body being picked apart, and someone else having my guts.
it some ways it feels like I wouldn't truly pass on..because when I'm cremated and my ashes are spread, it's not all of me!
not to mention, I believe those who are organs donors don't get the same treatment as those who aren't.
doctors may not work as hard to save a life, so as to preserve and harvest the organs in the best possible condition..

on the other hand..
if my children or husband, or even myself I suppose, were in need of an organ..and our life depended on an organ donor? I can see how important it could be..
if I would hope for the selfless act of someone else to save the life of someone I love..I could see how me donating organs could be extremely beneficial to someone in the same position.

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I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate events occurring with your father...
I hope things turn around soon!

(((positive vibes)))
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Well donating to a stranger would be hard but when we die we dont have much use for the diffenet organs in our body

But if you have to make a decision as alot of familys do you would not know which way you would go

But being close to my dad l would do anything but like you said you might have dougts if it was a stranger and being told to make that decision quick to save someone else would be hard
Alot of body organs only have a short life and been told to give them away would hurt you so much
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Originally Posted by GoGoYubari View Post
I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate events occurring with your father...
I hope things turn around soon!

(((positive vibes)))
Yes it is so hard and so sad but like l said before you have to be positive
That is what l am saying to mum she thinks she will lose him but l keep saying she wont
Thankyou you for your support
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They can take the lot, anyone who wants them...my innards and my umm, outtards?
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I would for my kids no matter what the organ was in a heartbeat.

In general, I should. I have not filled anything out, but I should at my next opportunity. It is the right thing to do. I am sure some needy, under sized man would really love my 10 inch meat stick, just as long it does not go to some chick trying to change her sex. Well, maybe, but she would have to keep her boobs. Save the ta tas
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For loved ones maybe.
Anyone else no.
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Isnt it amazing on how we would give our organs to loved ones and not some person on the street

I know in Australia organ transplants are at a low and some poeple have to wait 2yrs or more
since that is a long wait l couldnt let my step father last that long waiting

At the momment my stepfather has now 4o per percent in one kidney and 3o in the pther
We have word that he was given meds in the first week of his tay where this might have damaged his organs they are still running tests on this

Also he is 0 positive and blood is low in this type

He is having a blood transfusion every day because his hemaglobin is low

meaning there is not much oxgyen in his blood
Also he is being shifted to the Alfred Hospitol in melbourne since the care he is getting is not enough because they dont have the proper faciltys to cater for him
You would have thought they would have done this the first week here was there

Everything thing is becoming a big ballsup
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Am one. I certainly don't need my body parts once my mortal coil's been all shuffled and shit. I'm just a meatbag at that point, so anybody who wants a piece of me can have at it.

As for giving a non-vital organ while still alive, I think that would likely have to be for a loved one.
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There was a funeral place selling organs on the black market in NJ or NY, I forget. That just wrong.
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Really selling body organs at a funeral parlour that is not good but you never know what people get up to these days

Well l do have a update on my stepfather

He will not be transferred to another hospitol at this momment he was very upset when he knew this was going to happen

The docters are now giving him a cancer drug that is supposed to stop kidney failure and also cancer
the side effects are bad but it is the choice of him trying this or going on the machine to clense his blood

Well l feel as though he is a ginea pig but waht would you do if this works if it does he could be out of hospitol next week

ut the doctors get him on a high and then they say something else is wrong

But l just hope this works if he had only had 10 percent fuction in the kidneys this cancer drug would not be a option
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A loved one, yes. A stranger, it depends. I would need to interview the person. Would they be a good steward of my selfless act? Do they abuse drugs? Are they suicidal? Do they have children? And so forth.

PS-BCV, I want your hair.
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Who's hair do you want smiles

Yes it would be nice if we could pick and choose who we donate our organs to but you dont have the choice on that sort of thing

Well if you have any good organs to give away such as your eyes ,kidneys ect and they are in good condition it will be taken who ever the person is
Also you dont only give one organ but quite a few parts go to people who need them

oh another update

my stepfather has taken the first dose of that cancer drug and seems fine but today they are going to up the doseage so it will depend if he can cope with this on if they will continue the treatmnt

Also the cancer drug will hep with getting his immune systen back to where it was
The black spots were the immune sysyem totolly breaking down
The doctors had never seen this before and also the cancer drug he is on is a new drug which has just come to Australia
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