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I don't what's funnier you trying to justify the international hub of under achievement filled with dumb fucks and hicks or the fact that you're trying to justify some incest meth addict along with some mis-guided retard which Texas is full of.

you're not gonna convince me that some state that's known for idiocy, ugly scenery and undesirable weather is full of Harvard and Standford graduates which are gonna be future potential masterminds of this country. Save your stupid delusions and propaganda for the politics forum.
You should seek some counselling.
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I think StDubbs was telling us about the crazy neibours he has and l have to agree that you can have some crazy people

i remember when l was a child we had people next door who would keep out tennis balls footballs and anything that dropped over there fence

The person next door only had to give our balls back but had to cause trouble with us fighting to get things back
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Originally Posted by I Am Legend View Post
You should seek some counselling.
ya right after you seek a bullet in the head
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