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Friday the 13th (2015)

Here's some exciting news to start your day! A new FRIDAY THE 13th film is coming our way, with Paramount Pictures locking in a release date of March 13, 2015. And yes, that is a Friday the 13th. But this news begs the question: what exactly is this movie? Is it a sequel to the Marcus Nispel-directed reboot from back in 2009, or could it be a continuation of the franchise that seemingly ended in 2003 with FREDDY VS. JASON? The answer is none of the above. According to the reliable Exhibitor Relations Twitter account, the new film will be yet another reboot. What makes it interesting, however, is that the movie will be the thirteenth theatrically released movie in the series.

Bring back Mears and fuck the found footage approach. Just give me Jason slaughtering slutty teens in the snow, is that too much to ask for?

What do you guys want to see in the next Friday flick?
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I was so excited when I saw the headline of a new Friday film but if they're going for that found footage bullshit approach, I'm not really even excited. I'll still go at midnight and all but I hope they change their minds on it.
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Before I even clicked on the link, something told me this was gonna be another reboot (just like the Chainsaw series.)

Meh. So long as it's awesome, I won't complain.
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FT13th was the only "reboot" that I felt stayed true to the recipe of the original series. RZ's Halloween films and other horror remakes, specifically the TCM remakes, failed miserably at capturing the original essence of those films. FT13th, while modernized, and, most certainly different, still maintained the original basis the series was founded upon.

I'll definitely be checking it out when it arrives.
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Oh, dear God, no. Not another one
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Many people will not even know that this will be the 13th film in this franchise they lost count long ago but the fans haven't and 13 isn't just a number after 12, not here, not for them. It's integral to the whole series, it means something, most important of which is time and how one man's idea stood against it, more than 30 years ago.

The film should be what the first one was but should not forget what has happened with the series since. I don't mean the story what's happened so far, Jason went to hell then was somehow found within earth and brought to space? We can't go there so yes let's restart with the template that's workable, the one we began with, the camp site and the simple story of teens being stalked, any other kind of story that departed from this usually failed.

Simple foundation now let's talk new ideas for the series. Someone mentioned snow, great, work that in, the world is faster these days so let's keep up with a running Jason. Gore, well, I don't think we should compete for numbers or a number of gallons of blood spilled, some of the best bits of Friday didn't have blood (sleeping bag against the tree, etc), what we need is a creative set of heads. We need humor that can separate this from the other oh so depressing slashers now, the best thing about Friday part 6 were the characters who were a bit more intelligent than most and were actually in on the joke. Then we need the most important thing, it's what's missing from the series and makes some like God of War say "another one?" and that's a good scare. Imagine more than just teenagers trying to get into these films, many people want a scary time but the movies now only seem to deliver on is gore which preceeds everything else.

Or is this all too much thinking for a Friday movie. I just thought it'd be great if when I'm working people say passing by me, "hey that was actually good, did you see that couple run out before" "nah but glad you were all scared though"
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I actually liked the reboot. And I thought it was better than ANY of the other Friday movies with the sole exception being Freddy Vs Jason.

All of the Friday the 13th movies are essentially the same anyways, so whether it's a sequel or a reboot makes no difference to me.
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Old 12-19-2013, 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by ilovemovies View Post
I actually liked the reboot. And I thought it was better than ANY of the other Friday movies with the sole exception being Freddy Vs Jason.

All of the Friday the 13th movies are essentially the same anyways, so whether it's a sequel or a reboot makes no difference to me.
I remember thinking that it was mediocre. The whole underground tunnel thing was dumb and there was such a self-awareness that just took away from any fun that might have been had. I mean, everyone knew they were making a piece of crap and so the whole thing seems tired.
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I thought the last reboot was decent aside from having one of the worst, laziest endings I think I've ever seen in any movie. I hope they don't go with the found footage thing. Those rarely work and when they do, it usually only seems to be because of a very well done unseen threat/mystery. Just because they only show snippets of Jason or ridiculous motion blurs doesn't mean we don't know exactly what's going on. It's not like we haven't seen him do his whole routine for 12 other movies now (ok, technically 11, but still...).
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For me, the "reboot" was NOT a reboot, I like to look at it as just another sequel, since basically it is. If you look back most of the Friday sequels tell the origin of Jason, and the "reboot" was no exception with the opening. Also, in most sequels Jason's mask is inconsistent so finding a mask in the "reboot" can casually be looked at Jason finding a new mask, which I'm cool with. I liked the reboot and thought it was one of the stronger sequels. For reference on my opinion here's how I rate:
4, 3, 1, 2, Reboot, 7, 6, X, 5, FVJ, 8, JGTH

If you look at the series as a whole, the timeline of events should be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,FVJ,Reboot,X. No matter what Jason X should be at the end of that timeline, unless you take the train of thought that when Jason crash lands into a new planet, that planet is seemingly like Earth and that the campers who spot the comet crashing into the land in turn kick off a whole new Jason in a new world, then of course the Reboot would fall AFTER Jason X. Which would make more sense to Jason finding a new mask, however does not make sense as it is still indeed Crystal Lake where the reboot is set, so that theory is VOID. Jason X is the be all end all until a sequel is made that fits.

As far the new Friday is concerned, rebooting the series again is a terrible mistake! The appeal of the Friday series much like the Nightmare and Halloween series, is the the legend of the character of Jason. I personally don't like the actual showing of his origin over and over. The original series was fine with the first film showing the origin and then characters giving a brief synopsis of his legend, but when we have to physically see it in each movie it's overkill. I liked in the reboot how we got a little more info on who Jason is and what he does alone (the traps, his cave), let's see some small tidbits with that instead of seeing his mom decapitated him drowning again, etc. The new film should focus on someone or a team going to investigate the legend of Jason Vorhees in the Crystal Lake area, that hasn't been done yet. In all the films it's just idiot teens disregarding the legend and going to party up in his woods with one or two local yokels shouting warnings. Why not have someone go to see if the threat is real?

I like the idea of a found footage film. I honestly think that a found footage angle, IF DONE RIGHT, can move this franchise in a new direction and breath fresh air into the franchise. I would like to see a group of teens or shit even like a ghost hunters/monster hunter team who know the legend of Jason venture into Crystal Lake to find Jason and see if the stories are true, of course they all need to die and fall victim! For once I don't want to see Jason killed, it would be more effective to end on that down note of the last camera frame being Jason disappearing back into the woods, or a POV shot of a persons body being dragged back to Jason's cave. I would like to see the found footage angle be a mix of the hunters looking for Jason with 1st person camera perspectives, and then towards the end of the film a more traditional camera as naturally the hunters wouldn't run around with a camera attached to them filming shit at all times. UNLESS they use the gimmick of Google Glass type of headgear to film throughout. I think they could throw in some nice nods to other films in the series by finding relics in Jason's cave such as his moms skull, the crippled dudes wheel chair, the sack hood, maybe even for the first time multiple hockey masks to give explanation on mask changes! The found footage angle could give the film some decent scares and give Jason more of a Michael Myers "presence" and adding to his legend as you will always have the feeling that Jason is lurking somewhere unseen in the woods, with the camera tricking you into thinking you see things in the shadows and trees that could or could not be Jason. There are a ton of possibilities the found footage angle can bring, sadly these most likely won't be used.

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The problem isn't a reboot. It's the most simplistic, superficial franchise ever. Okay, reboot it. I have no problem with that. The problem is that people root for Jason to kill everyone in the movie. That's the problem for the studio at least. If they make the teens real and not caricatures, that might be better. The more annoying they are, the more I want Jason to kill them. Hopefully, they will do something new and original, as well as try to remedy the rooting for Jason.
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the only Friday the 13th should be only 1 movie and that is the 1980 film, all others are just rubbish camp.
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What makes a great Jason movie is rooting against the annoying ones for Jason to kill, but leaving one or two you wanna root for against Jason. It was that way for several years, so why not keep to that? I rooted for Tommy TWICE and Tina in VII plus the main girl in VIII whose name I can't remember.
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Hell yes. Love the series, loved the reboot. Will be fun to see how this one turns out.

I just want to see Jason killing off groups of teenagers, as many as possible No backstory.

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