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Horror box office 2014 - North America/Australia

Yes I know a lot of people are saying "box office doesn't count", but to be honest those people are morons, most movies are made for profit, if they don't generate one then future releases in the franchise/genre/etc don't get made and we lose in the long run.

Okay so thought I might keep a note of how the dark genre is traveling in 2014, after something of a disappointing 2013.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked One released in North America this weekend and on estimates has taken out it's opening Friday, $8.74 million in the bank though this might be a highpoint for the movie. Fingers crossed the weekend holds up and $20 odd million results. First up win for the dark genre though quite a number of people are bitching about the movie.

Australia gets the flick later in the month, giving folk a chance to download pirated copies prior to opening night. Am face palming over our Distributors that don't get the whole release schedule thing. I'm reasonably confident we might get a $1.2/3 million result in this market, which would be a good opening for the year.

I'm real interested to see how The Marked Ones does in comparison to PA 5, can the franchise still claim loyal troops or are we all slightly over these movies?

At this stage not seeing a massive dark genre hit on the horizon, but the box office does surprise from time to time. Will report back when the final weekend results are in.
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