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Old 10-02-2012, 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by Scotch View Post
Respectfully I have to disagree that Obama isn't a Liberal. Although he is willing to lean across the aisle more than most he is a Liberal. These are the type of statements (excuses) that Republicans use with Bush. "W.'s second term was a failure because of all the spending he did. He was more a democrat than a republican. That's why he failed." Each side uses these types of phrases to try and defend their side. There's a reason Obama got elected by the Democrats. Because he is a Liberal Democrat brought in for many reasons but one in particular is that his beliefs, behind the useless Nancy Pelosi were to sway the political pendulum that W. had shoved as far right as possible, and swing them all the way back to the left. That is the problem with these two parties. They each think their mindsets are in the middle but they couldn't be more off. Just because it's your belief doesn't make it the middle.
What of Obama's policies has been far left? What has he tangibly done to try to move the country far left?

What do you make of his conservative and neo-conservative policies in regards to waging war all over the globe, attacking and removing basic civil liberties, being remarkably friendly to big business interests and the major banks, his healthcare policy borrowed from Republicans (it's Bob Dole's plan) and written by healthcare industry lobbyists, his incredible secrecy, his assault on whistleblowers, his assassination of American citizens and broad claim of executive power and privilege, etc? How do those reasonably fit into this mold of being liberal and pushing the country to the left?

Did you read the article or just the thread title? If the latter, how do you respond to it more specifically?
Old 10-03-2012, 12:06 AM
Quentin I would have to question your claim that Obama is waging war all over the globe. He inherited a war from an 8 year Republican reign and war is not simply something that can be shut off immediately once a new individual takes office. Attacking and removing basic civil liberties is way too broad of a statement to answer. Every president and politician has to be friendly to big business interests as well as banks, its just the world we live in. It's not necessarily right but it is an evil that politicians must bow to in order to gain enough momentum for their own personal and professional success. The healthcare issue gets blamed on Dems even though Mitt Romney should have his name under the current policy as a co-creator. His incredible secrecy sounds like something off of an underground website, unless you are talking about Nancy Pelosi famously announcing that the general public will be allowed to read the Healthcare Bill.........once we've passed it through congress. Obama is not anti-union and if he were I'd have to pat him on the back for that one because unions have become so out of control they need to be re-examined considering the changes that have been made since the evolution of unions. I guess I am having a difficult time answering a lot of your questions simply because they are very open and opinionated rather than a question that demands a factual response. And I'm sorry but I had to laugh at the last question about him assassinating American citizens. Broad claim of executive power and privilege? Welcome to the left. It might not meet your definition of Liberal which was my point in my original post. I mean no disrespect by this post, it does seem that you are very passionate on this topic but I do ask you to take the blinders off.

And yes, I read your salon.com article which might as well have been directly from MSNBC.com


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