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Quintin Jardine

So i read a book by this guy in high school and really enjoyed it, eveidence of which the only other book i ever finished for school was a Star Wars novel for the Sci Fi unit in grade 9.

Anyways, The book i read was Thrusday Legends. My question is whether or not his other books are as good? The reasno i ask is because the book i've read follows a character named Andy Martin while most of his other books form the series fallow Bob Skinner. Now Skinner is the main character of the series and Andy is more of a supporting character.

But the thing is i really like Andy and while Bob is enjoyable to read he's just not as good as Andy for some reason. So with the other books following Bob and not Andy are they roughly as good?

Please anyone whos read some of this guys work help me out
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