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OK ... wtf is JOBLO on Reddit and no one told me


Go Schmoes ! Knowing is half the battle.

only 12 members
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what is Reddit??
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I hadn't reddit.
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well this is reddit ....

It is the "alleged" front page of the internet afterall
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Wow that's sad that Reddit has an easier to read list of news stories here on Joblo than Joblo has.
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oh cool.. so again: What is Reddit?
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i don't like to link other sites on Joblo but ......


The home of cat pictures , purveyors of cool meme , hipsters but friendly community , AMA feature ( they hit gold when Obama did one ) and everything worth a waste of time on the internet. It might be zealous to call oneself "the front page of the internet" but somehow , it is for me. The /gonewild reddit is better than any cheap porn site around

Also home of one of the biggest atheist community on the web so overly religious people might hate it (/atheism is a default sub-reddit like /movies , /wtf , /gaming , /science and /adviceanimals) . 99% of the sub-reddit are on a "subscribe" basis but where else could i get high-res picture of decadent food i will never taste ( /foodporn)

Everything is categorized in sub-category aka sub-reddit ... Joblo happens to be one of them. Everything is also anonymous .... but unlike 4chan , it is regulated to remove abusers ( voting system for every post ).

One of the biggest backlash on Reddit was Woody Harrelson ... he did an AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) but deflected/turned down any questions which was unrelated to his promotion of Rampart. The move was later blamed on a new assistant who supposedly set-up the whole thing. He got the scumbag award tho.

so that is Reddit ..... now i feel bad i needed to explain that. Thought that was gravy , like having Joblo-Facebook-Twitter on bookmarks.

Reddit is my biggest single waste of time site and i hope Joblo gets involved in it .... Schmoes derserves to be heard

EDIT : actually that is the top reddit story .... and i find it funny

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Originally Posted by Dirtyfrog View Post
and everything worth a waste of time on the internet.
Well, at least you noticed me
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Originally Posted by God of War View Post
Well, at least you noticed me
not unless you were on /gonewild haha
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well ... up from 12 schmoes to 155 in 4 days ..... not bad !
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i am so proud of myself

Okay the term reddit means a social new site

I have never heard of this term before but it was interesting to see what it was

I was going to put down further imformation but l am way to lazy to do it

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don't go in /ttotm ... curiosity killed the cat.

cannot be unseen
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