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Movie guessing machine (like Akinator)

Hey guys,

We've just released our movie enthusiast game - Filmillion (www.filmillion.com). We are often told it's pretty fun to play. Still, we've never had a change to check it against a crowd of serious movie fans Also, it is (and it will be) absolutely free.

It's a machine that asks you questions about movies. You think about a movie and answer the questions, supplying more and more movie facts. Depending on your answers, the machine tries to guess the movie. The more you play, the smarter the machine gets.

So, we did (and are still doing) our best to train it. And we can tell it's pretty good at many popular movies. Still, there's a lot of headroom to improve. That's where I thought I could ask you guys to play a couple of games.

So, if you got a spare minute, give it a spin and tell me about your impressions. Feel free to add your movies and new questions. We are hoping to make a free fun game for everyone, and we need movie enthusiast players to play and teach the AI along with us.

I hope you'll have a lot of fun. I will reply to your questions right here. Feedback will surely help us a lot to make it more fun.

Filmillion Movie Team.
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