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Killzone 4!!!! (4x the exclaimation marks!)

Guerrilla Games has revealed that the bulk of its staff are working on "the next Killzone installment" with Steven Ter Heide, senior producer on Killzone 2 and 3, stepping up as the game's director. The news comes in the latest issue of Edge.

This news, combined with a previous Edge report stating that "one major Sony-owned studio has now ceased PlayStation 3 development, its entire focus having shifted to the console's successor," could point to the tantalising prospect of Guerrilla Games working on Killzone 4 for PlayStation 4.

The Sony-owned studio announced some time ago that it is working on a new IP, which is also discussed in the magazine.

Don't know if there are any other Schmoes that are big KillZone fans, but I'm very pumped for this news. I'm a bot saddened that KZ4 probably won't be for current consoles, but GG is always pushing hardware to its limits so I guess it kind of makes sense.
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There's the game to pave the path for PS4, it's guiding light. "the future of gaming will be this", make it a launch title, get it out before the next xbox= win.

I enjoyed KZ2 a whole lot, I just never had any friends with playstations though so sigh on me. They suffer from the mudane, typical shooter story though.
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