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Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' roll

Fascinated me this one having watched It for the first time today, gotta say loved It. This biopic of Ian Drury played by Andy Serkis Is movie making at It's best, recently I feel eccentric editing & non linear storytelling has been mass produced In the movie world sometimes good but mostly bad, sometimes It just feels desperate. I didn't feel anything desperate about this movie however, If you can't go eccentric about a crippled rocker who was simply a genius on stage & as portrayed In this movie off stage, with his great poetic tongue then when can you.

The only movie I haven't enjoyed Serkis In is Burke & Hare but to be fair the whole movie was tripe, absolutely fantastic performance once again. Really quite baffled to how this flick only recieves 6.3 on imdb, a must watch If you haven't already seen It already please share your thoughts.....
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I saw it in January 2010 when it was in UK cinemas, I really liked it as well, Serkis was robbed for the best actor BAFTA.
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