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'Baron Munchausen' Actor John Neville Died


TORONTO, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- British actor and director John Neville has died in Toronto following a battle with Alzheimer's disease, his family said. He was 86.

The Edmonton Journal confirmed Neville's Saturday death but did not list a cause.

Neville started his career at London's Old Vic theater in 1953. He performed in stage classics such as "Hamlet," "Othello" and "Romeo and Juliet," as well as in West End hits like "Irma La Douce" and "Alfie." He later served as artistic director of the Nottingham Playhouse before emigrating to Canada in 1972, the Journal noted.

In his new country, he held artistic directorships of the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, the Neptune Theatre in Halifax and the Stratford Festival, the newspaper said.

His notable film roles include "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" in 1988 and "Little Women" in 1994. He also had a recurring role on the 1990s TV series "The X Files."

A memorial is planned for the new year, the Journal said.

The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen was one of my favorite films when I was younger.

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That was a great movie, he was a great actor.
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Shitty. Maybe I should finally finish that film since I was def enjoying it, but passed out because I was super drunk.

John Neville was also "The Well-Manicured Man" from The X-Files.

In the movie, he dies via carbomb for collaborating with Mulder. Funny, a lot of guys got killed for that reason.
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Aw, he was awesome on The X-Files.


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He played the dean in "Urban Legend" too.
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RIP. He will forever be Baron Munchausen for me. Loved that film growing up. He was also quite charming in Spider. Good call about X-Files. I forgot about that role. At least he lived a full life.
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Alzheimer's I think in some ways must be the worst way to die. I mean, I don't know if there is any physical pain like other diseases such as cancer, but to have your mind deteriorate and lose just about all of your memories slowly too, not like it's fast but rather very gradual, I can't imagine a worse way to go.
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