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American Reunion

Looks like we have another 'American Pie' flick coming soon, this time with all the original cast back for...yep, a reunion. Could be interesting with the old cast back but methinks this type of comedy has run its course, we'll see.


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I actually like all three original films. Wedding was a bit over the top and some of the jokes felt stale but it still had the heart of the first two.

I'm actually really looking forward to this.
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Tagline: Because, apart from Alysson, none of us can get work anymore.
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Originally Posted by hoojib127 View Post
Tagline: Because, apart from Alysson, none of us can get work anymore.
She's the most talented of the bunch even though she has her fair share of crap too.

I have no interest in seeing this, but I'm curious to know if they have toned down the gross out humor. I think we have had so many of these kinds of comedies in recent years, that it's getting to the point where it's just not funny any more, even though I never found a lot of it funny to begin with.

It's interesting to compare their careers to the casts from the Judd Apatow movies. The Apatow gang have been way more successful than the Pie gang.
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I could give a shit about this. I saw the first three, and honestly beyond the first, and maybe parts of the second, this series was grossly over-rated. I'm sure this upcoming 4th movie, won't be the last in the series.
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I enjoyed 1 and 2, did not really like 3 that much because it was too much Stiffler. I have not watched any of the other direct to dvd rentals though. This looks like a good rental though from the two trailers I have seen so far.
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