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Brutal Massacre: An Underrated Gem

It makes me sad that one of, if not my favorite horror comedy Brutal Massacre: A Comedy is hardly talked about. It's odd because it has some big horror stars like David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London), Gunner Hansen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74) and Ellen Sandweiss (The Evil Dead.) It's a mockumentary about the hell that a film crew goes through with a shlock director making what would be seen as just a piece of shit horror film that would go straight to the Sci-Fi channel. Seriously, this movie is fucking hilarious and when it comes to mockumenatires, knocks Spinal Tap out of the park (even though I really like Spinal Tap.) I'll post the trailer below. I don't mean to sound like an advertiser, but really, this is a hidden gem and one of my favorites in both the horror and comedy genre.
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I really like this film, and even have its poster on my wall. It's a very, very funny mockumentary, especially for those of us who are familiar with the movie-making experience. I'd have to recommend this to any fan of the Horror-Comedy genre, even if it is more a Comedy about Horror.

Wasn't there a Thread about this film being underrated on here before?
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when it first came out I kept telling myself I need to check it out, and STILL haven't... I haven't even seen it but have a feeling it'll be a fun time. thanks for the reminder that I must grab this one a.s.a.p to finally give it a viewing. i think the director behind this (he did the Malevolence films), could continue putting out some solid stuff, hopefully he keeps swinging them out in the genre.
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Massacre a recommended laugh riot!!!

Quote:Hanu Vindupesh...what is that italian? Just kidding. Vindupesh:Repeat after me I am a fucking asshole!! BRUTAL MASSACRE is without a doubt one of the funniest films in a long FUCKING time! For those who think otherwise in thw words of Gunnar Hansen: I dont give a FUCK! Note: the film was based on filmmaker Steve Minas experiences while making the horror gem Malevolance.

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