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Old 12-15-2011, 04:49 AM
Get your filthy hands off my DVD's you damn dirty ape!

Ive always been a bit of a collector, back home in finland me and my brother shared a dvd collection of well over a thousand films. Its just the way we are, we buy our films because we like re-watching them and i guess its just our thing.

I was naturally a bit gutted when i moved to the UK as i had to leave my collection behind but it was also an opportunity to start building a new collection with my partner who also enjoys films and likes re-watching them. Yep, i consider myself very lucky ... Except for her side of the family... Not all of them obviously but some whom i'm prepared to have assassinated for they have touched my collection and thus my collection is missing bits. This shit will not stand!

Heres how it goes and i'm pretty sure some of you know what i'm talking about.

- a friend or a family member comes for a visit
- after a while the conversation turns to your film collection
- said visitor requests if he/she/it can borrow a film

Now this basic concept i'm cool with, heck i'll even recommend wich films to borrow from me and in return all i expect is that the films arent being kept for unreasonable periods of time and that they are treated with respect and care or in other words not used as coasters.

But some people... some fucking morons... some lousy excuses of primordial slime just DON'T... FUCKING... GET IT!... and now, i'm mad, NAY! i'm furious!

At this very moment in time my partners brother-in-law is still in posession of my Blow and Nightmare on Elm Street DVD's along with 2 others wich i don't even remember now. The afore mentioned 2 DVD's he borrowed a year ago, every time this fuck drops by for a visit i remind him of the DVD's he still has and he doesnt even remember borrowing them.

Lets have a look at my partners son-in-law shall we. I kinda like him because he's a huge film buff and i always enjoy talking movies with him but theres this one tiny ( huge! ) problem. He treats my DVD's like shit! When Case 39 came out on DVD we bought it as my partners into all that sort of supernatural ghosty horror shit, a few days later her daughter along with said son-in-law visits us and he asks if he could borrow it so he could "watch it quickly". I had a bad feeling about it but i played ball.

A week or so goes by and they come for another visit and i ask him in a polite way: Wheres my dvd ?

To wich he replies: Oh, yea, i gave it to me mum cos she wanted to watch it too


Thats what i heard in my head but being the nice guy that i am i simply said: Oh...Okay...

Now here comes the fun part. We hadnt seen them for a while now but then one evening they rang us and said that they've had a bit of a clearout in their flat and they had a box and a few carrier bags full of DVD's and wanted to give us first dibs on checking if we'd want any of them as they were going to take them to some guy at a carboot sale ( a flea market ) to sell off. In they came and me and the missus started going through the DVD's and made a few finds... including our Case 39 DVD... yeah, this fucker was going to sell the very Case 39 DVD he borrowed from us and by us i mean me! To add insult to injury, i looked at the bottom of the disc and it had been scratched, not deeply or anything but clear surface scratches as in the disc had been mistreated.

Case 39 was a pretty crappy movie, as was Elm Street because it was the remake but regardless of that this is my property and its the fucking principal that matters! These people come into my home, they state that they are going to borrow a few DVD's, they don't ask IF THEY COULD borrow, they just fucking help themselves, they could atleast treat my shit with proper fucking respect.

Next time these people show up without my DVD's, i'm gonna start chopping off fingers and if my discs come back scratched, i'm gonna have a go at their cars paintjobs with a screw driver.

Ive had tons of people borrow films from me in my time and ive learnt that the sort of non-immediate family are the fucking worst! They fucking treat you like a free rental shop. If these fucking scumbags rented a movie from blockbusters, it would be returned on time but because i fall in the "friends & family category" i don't matter, surely you'd like to return a film you borrowed from a friend ASAP to make sure said friendship lasts ? You'd fucking think wouldnt you.
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Old 12-15-2011, 07:06 AM
I've had the same experience with lending to friends and family. What I did was when they didn't return a DVD and they asked to borrow another, I said "No, not until you return the other you borrowed and if it is damaged you will buy me another and never get any more from me" Pissed off a lot of them, but tough shit! I paid for them, they're mine and you better treat them better than you do your own, is how I feel. I also, don't let friends and some family members borrow my car. If I'm going to have my car damaged and have to make any insurance claim, let it be me and not someone else! I get really pissy with some and they don't ask anymore. Stay firm with them and don't be afraid to say "NO"! After a while, they'll get the hint!!
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Old 12-16-2011, 02:09 PM
Sounds like your in-laws noticed that you had a couple stinkers in your collection and were just trying to take them off your hands. You should thank them for relieving you of such crappy films!
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Old 12-17-2011, 07:52 PM
Yeah, I've never understood people who borrow a movie from you that they really want to see and then, rather than watching it as soon as they have time, let it sit on their shelf and collect dust for months. You CANNOT convince me that, within a week of borrowing said movie, you don't have 2 hours free in which you can watch it and then get it back to me the next time you see me.
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Old 12-18-2011, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by hoojib127 View Post
Yeah, I've never understood people who borrow a movie from you that they really want to see and then, rather than watching it as soon as they have time, let it sit on their shelf and collect dust for months. You CANNOT convince me that, within a week of borrowing said movie, you don't have 2 hours free in which you can watch it and then get it back to me the next time you see me.
My brother and his wife are like this and it bugs the crap out of me. The fact that they live just a few minutes from my house and are over here every fucking day just pisses me off even more.

What the fuck is the point of borrowing a movie from someone if you'll not going to have the time too watch it? Wait until you know you'll be able to watch it and then fucking borrow something.
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Old 12-18-2011, 08:48 AM
I have bought a katana for such 'incidents'.
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Old 12-19-2011, 12:56 AM
Originally Posted by Tony_Montana View Post
I have bought a katana for such 'incidents'.
lol, i'll consider this as it sounds most fun!
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Old 12-19-2011, 11:22 AM

I learned this lesson very quickly....my favorite part is when you mention the borrowed film, they look/respond to you like YOUR the asshole!

It bugs me to my core when I see people mistreat dvds, like just throw them on the coffee table or just stack them on the tv stand (without the cases).
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