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Beyonce Jayz Welcome Baby Girl


Yes Beyonce has giving birth to a baby girl

The baby has been named Blue Ivy

Geez why cant celebs name there children with proper names

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How long before we see their kid on tv or a music video or whatever else pretty much every r/b or rapper does with their kid now?
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Tack other name to the dumbest names ever to be given to children list.

Other than that, congrats to the happy couple.
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Cymphonique Miller, Master P's Daughter, To Get New TV Show On Nickelodeon

What the Fuck kind of name is that?
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Yes the names some of thsees celebs call there kids make me laugh

half of the time the children when they grow up change there name

I wouldnt call my child Sunday or Moon ect

Geez some of these kids would be teased so badly by classmates
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Against names like Camera, Puma, Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, Kal-el, Free, Egypt, Apple, Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo, Blue Ivy is kind of cool. They will call her Blue during everyday life and Blue Ivy only when newspapers report her crime solving. Congratulations, but sometimes it's hard to tell which names grown ups are giving their children and which names adolescent fan fiction writers are giving buffy's new nemesis.
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"Blue Ivy"? What's wrong with just "Ivy"?

Oh and "Beyonce checked into the hospital on Manhattan's Upper East Side late Friday under the name "Ingrid Jackson," renting out its entire fourth floor for $1.3 million, the New York Daily News reported"?
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"IV" but pronounced "Ivy"
Both Beyonce and Jay Z were born on the 4th and were married on the 4th SO it's a significance naming.
But you wouldn't want to call her Blue Fourth Carter.
If they wanted to go epic and all Roman-y they could've named her Blue Spartacus Carter.

First day of kindergarten: "Blue Spartacus Carter?"
"I am Blue Spartacus Carter."
"No, I am Blue Spartacus Carter."
"I'm Kanye West the 2nd."
"I know. You've been mentioning that since we got into class. Shut up already! Now who the hell is Blue Spartacus Carter?!"
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Hahaha..Oh, Rusty, dude, you are so funny, man

My response to this earth-shattering news is BFD
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Of course, this was one of the stories on almost every news broadcast starting from the weekend. "A miracle cure for cancer and AIDS that's inexpensive and easy to create with simple components? A nuclear explosion in an surprising part of the world? But first, Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby..." Then we're also treated to an explanation of WHY they named their child with that ridiculous name. Blue after Jay-Z's new album and Ivy for their lucky number 4 (that's IV in Roman numerals or pronounced Ivy, those super smart broadcasters had to tell us).
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When celebrities buy into the spectacle of their own creativity, I guess.
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Ivy Blue would have been better & why in the world would you get a c-section if you are famous for showing off your body...lot of photoshopping in her future.
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Originally Posted by edonline View Post
and Ivy for their lucky number 4 (that's IV in Roman numerals or pronounced Ivy, those super smart broadcasters had to tell us).

"...as in Helsinki, Sweden".
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Blue Ivy Carter Youngest Person Ever To Appear On A Billboard Chart

by Karinah Santiago, N.Y. | January 11, 2012 3:50 EST

If you guessed that Baby Carter would grow up to be a star because of her ubiquitous, famous parents, you were probably right. If you anticipated her first song being released in her tweens, a la Willow Smith, you were dead wrong.

Try within hours of her birth.

Blue Ivy Carter, the bundle of joy brought into the world by megastar Beyoncé (with a little help from fellow famous dad Jay-Z) Saturday (Jan. 7), becomes the youngest person ever credited with gracing a Billboard chart, as Jay-Z's newly-recorded studio cut "Glory" -- officially billed as "featuring B.I.C.," an abbreviation of Blue Ivy Carter -- begins on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at No. 74. (For historical purposes, this week's Billboard charts are dated Jan. 21)

Taking a page out of Stevie Wonder's proverbial book on how to be a sentimental musical dad, Jay-Z recorded his precious girl's first seconds of life -- her breathing, cries and coos -- just as Wonder did on his iconic song "Isn't She Lovely," written for his then-newborn daughter Aisha.

Why does B.I.C. claim the mark for youngest charted artist and not Wonder's girl? Two reasons: young Aisha was never officially credited on "Lovely" and the song did not reach a Billboard chart until Jan. 29, 1977 (when it entered Adult Contemporary at its No. 23 peak), almost two years after she was born.

Blue Ivy Carter/B.I.C. also benefits from the era in which she born. Technology today allows an advantage in that Jay-Z was able to record and release "Glory" less than 48 after her birth. After almost 72 years of numbers, positions, peaks, lows, gains and debuts -- the first national Billboard chart was published the week of July 27, 1940 -- the little princess born to the reigning king and queen of R&B/hip-hop breaks the mold almost concurrently with her arrival into Beyonce's anticipating, loving arms.

"Glory" arrives as the week's highest new entry on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs with 1.7 million audience impressions on 54 radio stations, according to Nielsen BDS.

In a stroke of chart kismet, the song marks Jay-Z's 107th career entry on the survey, mirroring the Jan. 7 birth date - in other words (or, um, numbers), 1/07 - of Blue Ivy.

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