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Body Parts

Some spoilers

I just watched Eric Red's "Body Parts" again last night. I've seen the film only once before, but I completely forgot how great it actually is. The acting is solid, the effects are acceptable, the score and cinematography are all great! I was very surpised when I went on IMDB and saw that it only had a rating in the 5's? This is one forgotten gem that I personally think with the right director/cast could benefit from a remake. One thing that just wouldn't work today, and the only real flaw in the film, was the head transplant of Charley Fletcher. I think if they did a remake, instead of a full head transplant they should use a heart or partial brain or face, a head is just too ridiculous.

How does everyone else feel about Body Parts?
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I love the premise and Jeff Fahey but the theremin laced soundtrack kind of threw me off. Still a great movie though.
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