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movies that shock you

1. Match Point

2. The Toxic Avenger -the bullies were totally insane

3. Heavenly Creatures

4. I Spit On Your Grave
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1. The Hills Have Eyes
2. Last House on the Left
3. The Girl Next Door
4. An American Crime
5. Martyrs
6. The Human Centipede
7. Dancer in the Dark
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I Spit on Your Grave was a good one. Funny Games (remake) was another. Human Centipede's a good choice too. Oh yeah, and the Hills Have Eyes 2006 was fantastically shocking.
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A Serbian Film
Human Centipede II
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the rape scene and of course the other beat down scene had me spooked

I really didnt care for this movie too much but the sccene in the basement where that imprisoned chick comes out....fuuuuck I nearly pissed myself

(those fuckin French I swear)

oh and I'm not gonna lie but the ending to The Life of David Gale sorta shocked me.
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