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The Devil Inside Me

Well, I suppose that here is as appropriate place as any for us Horror fans to bitch about the latest travesty of the "found footage" genre since Paranormal Activity. I haven't even bothered with the film, nor do I plan to from what I've seen and have heard, but this film is getting some pretty awful reviews. I'm gonna make a record of saying that it very well may be up for a Razzy! Here's some reviews from this site alone:


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I saw it at a free screening.

Horrible, horrible, horrible movie. Really, the Paranormal Activites are MUCH better. The acting was subpar, the shocks not really all that shocking, and, well, big chunks of it were boring. If they had not filmed it as a found footage thing it would have been a little better. But not much.
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I can't wait until the "smoking" scene everyone talks about is leaked online. Sounds like a good time!
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