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Orange is the New Black Season 2

Is anybody else watching this?

I'm already 8 episodes in and I like it even more than the first season. I especially loved the episode featuring Morello who is now my favorite character.
Instead of merely being obsessed with marriage it turns out she is a batshit insane stalker. I really didn't see that coming.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of the season - it looks like some serious shit is going to go down.
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I just finished season 2 and I really enjoy it. Though, this has to be the only series where the main protagonist is completely frustrating & unlikeable on every level, but it's still good because every other character is very interesting and well written.

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I just finished the second season as well. I do kind of agree about Piper - she is really unlikable and kind of screws a lot of people over. I dislike Alex even more since she may be a damn psychopath. Just about every other character is fun to watch though - even the really nasty people like Vee or Pornstache.

The end sure was exciting, huh?
Seeing Miss Rosa run Vee down like that was fantastic and Vee really did deserve it after nearly killing Red.

I'd give the season a 9/10 as well. It's even better than the first season.
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