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Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead

Zombie movies and TV shows are popular again, so why not resurrect one of the most infamous terrorists as a member of the undead?

That's the plot of an independent feature-length film named, of course, "Osombie."

The film has been shot, and its makers are trying to raise money to finish it off via the fund-raising site Kickstarter. On the site, the film is described as a zombie film "packed with violence, mayhem, guns, blood and discussions about Pokemon."

The plot just keeps getting better. It focuses on Dusty, a yoga instructor from Colorado whose brother Dusty believes Osama is still alive. Derek ends up being right, as the dead al-Qaeda leader "has returned from his watery grave and is making an army of zombie terrorists."

"We and a few others are the only thing standing between the people of Afghanistan and a zombie apocalypse," one character says in the (awesome) trailer. The trailer also includes swordfighting, romance, a head being shot off, and lots and lots of hunky guys taking their shirts off to expose some really nice chests. And, of course, the dead bin Laden, complete with white turban and long beard, covered in zombie-style rot.

"The original script was written prior to bin Laden's death, while he was still missing ... and possibly a zombie," producer Kynan Griffin told msnbc.com. "But the whole thing clicked when he was shot."

If you don't mind a little gore, you can watch the trailer here. And if you want to help "Osombie" come to a theater near you, you can donate at their Kickstarter page. At press time, the filmmakers had been pledged $10,000, and their goal is $15,000. A pledge of $1,000 or more gets your name on the film's credits, lower pledges get other rewards.
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This just looks like it could be a fun experience imo.
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I give it kudos for the premise. It's a novel concept, to say the least.
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