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"Come See It ONE Night Only!"

Alright so this may be a rant that doesn't apply to everybody but for me, it pisses me off.

The theater I've been going to since I saw my first movie was a Cinemark theater. I'm not in a big enough town where we have an AMC or a Regal or whatever, it has always been a Cinemark. Last December, they built in a new XD theater to coincide with the new Mission Impossible movie. The XD theater is a mini-imax as it is bigger than the other theaters, along with a bigger screen and much louder audio. I saw Ghost Rider there in 3D last night and it fucking rocked, but back to the story. So, I think it's Fathom Events who is doing more events in the theater, stuff like live Operas and stuff like that but they also SOMETIMES show some old movies. A couple years back, I got to see First Blood in theaters that included an interview with Stallone and had the alternate ending before the movie. A little while ago they showed an ad for the one night only re release of Ben Hur, a film I have not seen yet. Gee, I haven't seen it and wouldn't this be the best experience to see it in? Well, one night only on a THURSDAY! Only two showtimes, 2 in the afternoon and 7 at night. I have to work so I usually go to a show at 12 in the afternoon or 10 at night, I don't have time for a 2 or a 7. But, why on a Thursday night? Why can't they show it on a weekend or something? I know that it may interrupt a film that would be showing there but why not get it on a weekend with a film that people really aren't rushing out to see? They showed Contraband in the theater and judging from the box office and the fact that no one I knew saw it, it didn't do too well. Even if they wanted to put something like Contraband in the XD theater, just put it in a regular digital theater for one weekend and then when Ben Hur was done for the weekend, put it back in. Put Contraband in a theater with a movie that's been out for a while and only has one showtime or something. I don't even care that it was a 2 and a 7 o clock showing, it's a 3 hour movie so I get that that would be the only convenient times to show it but again, why not on a weekend? I would've had another chance to see it since I don't work on the weekend. What really sucks is that as I mentioned before, I saw Ghost Rider in the XD theater yesterday and saw a trailer for the re release of The Godfather and The Godfather II in the theater, on two separate THURSDAY NIGHTS! The Godfather II won't be in the XD theater but that's beside the point. I'll have to miss the two films due to inconvenient times and dates. You could say that I could just miss work that day but I can't just skip work every time a movie gets re released on a Thursday. There are probably a bunch of reasons why they show the films at such an inconvenient time but really, it just pisses me off I have to miss these.
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I think you make good points. I know I would totally go to the movies more to see a re run not named Star Wars. Sad part is, not many others will as well. I remember years ago reading an article of how movies are not going to be on flim anymore and they will be sent via satellite. As a result, old movies could easier be transmitted for re release. Not sure what became of all that, but I don't see why theaters could not dedicate one screen out of their 10 or more in their theater and show only older movies. Do it HBO style and show 5 or 6 movies for a couple weeks. Rotate them and show them all once a day. 1 pm on a monday, 4 pm on a tues, and so on.
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I wish that I had a theater like this in my area.
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