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Trying to find a movie - 15-20 years old at least

Trying to find name and possible print of a movie:
1. Saw last about 15-20 years ago.
2. Believe it is teens but could be young people in an RV.
3. In town all the letters on signs and windows are inverted and you/they don't realize this until looking into their rear view mirror.
4. Believe it was a horror movie.

Sorry but that is all I remember. I hope someone can help me with this flick. Thanks in advance!
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the only horror movie with pple in the RV running away is indeed something old time,
campers run away as the satanic cult is following them

I think it was called Race with the Devil


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Good guess, but I know it isn't RACE WITH THE DEVIL. I actually have that flick & love it. Scared me as a kid because I lived in Texas and recognized the shooting areas. Just knew everyone was Satanists back then. LOL.
The movie I can't think of is around same period, but I believe town was mostly deserted or barely populated. Young group of adults in RV.
Some IMDB people think it might have been an ABC movie of the week.
Thank you for the attempt.
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eek, of course what I meant was:
"the only horror movie with pple in the RV that I remember..."

wow, you saw this movie set, yeah must have been scary sh1t for a kid, wow

alrighty, if something else comes to mind I'll let you know.

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