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So... Gangnam Style


Okay, So, I heard about this about a month or so ago. At first mention, I thought someone said Gundam Style, so I didn't think anything of it. It was a little while before I figured out what the deal was and watched the video. In the ten days since I first watched it, the video has added another hundred million views - WTF? It's about to hit 600 million views - and that doesn't count other copies people have uploaded that also have tens of millions of views.

Personally, I'm cool with it. It's fucking catchy as hell, and I think the video is hilarious. I bet every football stadium in America plays this every week.

I haven't watched many of the parodies, but I do like Deadpool vs Gangnam Style.
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Saw this a coupla weeks ago & just stared at the screen completely dumb founded. Still unbelievable to me!
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No. No no no NO NO NO NO NO.

Living right next to Gangnam doesn't make it any better.
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It's this year's Ketchup song or La Macarena
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The song is awesome. It's good to see a character like this find some success in a genre that is inundated with record company-pushed pretty boys and girls who have little to no talent.
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One of the bestest video and dance style ever
video marketing
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This guy was like, "Fuck America! " then all the dollars started to roll in and now he's like, "Hey guys I was just kidding. I love America. " lol
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This song is destined to be the "Macarena" of the 2010's. The sooner it goes away, the better. : P
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When I PvE I like drum and bass, soundtrack and electronic music. Basically all that elaborate stuff.

Robot Vacuum

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