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Binary Domain

On the surface Binary Domain looks like a cross between Mass Effect and Vanquish and kinda forgettable. Much like the upcoming Yakuza Dead Souls, Initially I was concerned about shooting, as the fighting in Yakuza 4 in particular was really enjoyable and unique

The demo on JP PSN has done enough to convince me that this squad cover based shooter won't be all that generic. Rest assured, Nagoshi and his team of perverts have brought the crazy. It's a prettier game than Yakuza 4, controls handle pretty well, with movement and handling similar to Vanquish but not as fast paced. Expect bizarre Japanese Sci Fi gangster cut scenes, upgradeable weapons, intense combat, large robots and a touch of comedy that will hopefully rival the panty thief bit in Yakuza 4
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do Western gamers care for Japanese games anymore? did anyone play El Shaddai? Binary Domain is great fun, more enjoyable than Gears 3

a lot of fun
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