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Complete games in baseball

It is rare for a pitcher to complete a game nowadays. Managers take starting pitchers out after 6 or 7 innings in favor of relievers. Justin Verlander, the AL Cy Young winner in 2011, only completed 4 games. Compare that with Jack Chesbro who pitched 48 complete games in 1904 for the New York Highlanders (Yankees). Chesbro won 41 games and pitched 455 innings. It makes you wonder about modern era pitchers. Are they so delicate? Mariano Rivera comes in to pitch one inning, and they act like he is Superman. Rivera will go into the Hall of Fame even though he has thrown only 1211 innings in his career and compiled a 42-40 win-loss record since 2000. Don't get me wrong! I am a Yankee fan. I am just saying these closers are afforded an undeserved status. Bruce Sutter, for example, does not belong in the Hall of Fame.
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It's just part of the evolution of the game, simple as that. The human body was not designed to throw 150 pitches with a maximum velocity like a lot of pitchers were expected to do 100 years ago.

Oh and come on don't knock Bruce Sutter!! One of the two MLB players to come out of the high school I attended.
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Everytime people bring up the fact that pitches used to throw X amount of innings, they completely forget about the facts.

1. Most teams now have real hitters 1-8 (9 american league). SS and 2nd used to be there for defense and could not hit much prior to 1980. 1980. It is really much harder to get through a lineup 3 or 4 more times now. There is so much knowledge and advantage for hitters.

2. As a percentage, few pitchers lasted 10 or more years with that workload year in year out. Most pitched really well for a few years and were out of the game. Injuries happened and they do not have the medical things they have today.

3. Pitchers are treated like pussies now a days, because they are thought of as investments. No way a player would sit for a sore muscle.

4. The ball itself was not as tightly wound and did not travel nearly as far, particularly in the early half of the 1900's. The ball park were also much larger. You give a 1920 pitcher a ball of today in today's ball parks with the hitters of 1920 and the scores would go up a whole lot.

5. Baseball was a casual game back then too. Few teams played to win like the Yankees. HBO had some great specials on the beginning of baseball called When It Was A Game.

6. Players used to swing a heck of a lot more. Getting a walk was thought of like today as almost a hit.

7. The strike zone was a lot bigger. You had to swing

Jack Chesbro had a 10 year career. He had 3 really good years. Maybe if there were such a things as closers, he would have many more wins. I am sure someone has or can do the research on this to see in what inning things tended to go south for these guys.
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