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Streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu etc...)

SO I just picked up Hulu Plus. I've had Netflix streaming for almost 4 years and I've enjoyed it for sure. I am starting to sense some stagnation though in their selection. I know there has been a few issues within Netflix, and I have no evidence for it but I feel like it's really affected the quality and variety of material.

My experience with Hulu Plus is jack shit so far, but I love the new selection base, plus for the same price as netflix you get much more recent tv shows, which is their selling point.

Question: Do any of you guys carry a subscription to both? In terms of just streaming do you find it worth it to dish out the extra 8 bucks a month for everything?

Thanks mates
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Never bothered with Hulu. I have gone back and forth between Netflix and Amazon Prime. Amazon has been adding quite a bit lately, recently tons of Viacom owned shows which was great because my kids love Dora and other Nickelodeon crap so that makes it easy to stream to my TV instead of getting the DVDs from Redbox.

I do not have cable, haven't had it for about a year now and I haven't noticed a difference.
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