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Does anybody read and/or write fanfic?

I used to scoff at fan fiction. I've tried to read it some from time and time and just couldn't find anything worth it. I brushed it off as wish fulfillment for desperate fanboys and girls which is kind of hypocritical because I've batted around numerous ideas of my own that are in fact, fan fiction. Wading through all the slash BS you can find a great nugget or two. Some of these people are just huge fans that want to tell a story about their favorite movie/show/book the best they can and I have great respect for that. I've recently read a few really good pieces of fanfic that inspired me too dust of my old ideas and have a go at them again.
I've been discourage about writing what I want to because I know it won't pay off in the end simply because its fanfic. That though, is not the right mentality at all. Cutting my teeth on fanfic will hopefully build my confidence in my writing and open up my imagination.

Special thanks to MisoGenie for also inspiring to get off my ass and be creative!
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I dont really think you can consider yourself a fan of anything until you've thought about it enough to go "oh man it would be cool if..." or "if only this instead of that..." about something. That to me is what separates liking something and being a fan of something.

As to actually writing any of it down i too am guilty of never bothing due to the stigmas around it. Nothing coming of it or the fear of it not being any good but like you say that is the wrong way to go about it.

Myself i've never been good a doing things from scratch. I used to draw al ot as a kid but always prefered to reproduce cool drawings i'd find instead of inventing my own. In that way i've always been better at expanding on things instead of coming up with my own. Like i'd probably do way better at adapting a book/comic to a show/movie then trying to write a whole new one myself. But that is what fanfic is essentially so i've got a shit ton of it in my head.

One thing i have noticed though is that you need to be careful, as some fan fic can tend to head in strange and even alarming directions depending on the author/creator. I mean just look at the Resident Evil movies....
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Still plan on writing a fan fiction of own version of a season 9 for 24. All 24 episodes of a season. Now, I haven't decided on a format yet. Either as a prose or an actual script or maybe a combination of the two. Not sure yet. A combo is very likely though. Right now I have until about hour 6 or 7 planned. I just have to start writing it.

I also might write a fanfic of my own version of a Mission: Impossible V. And maybe a few other movies.

Obviously, considering that I don't have the rights to any of these franchises, they are clearly just for fun. Although I wonder if they can be at all used as a sample piece? Curious about that.
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Thanks for the kudos, Poop!

Needless to say, I read and write. I began by writing some fan fiction of Sonic The Hedgehog, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and a few other film series I was into at the time (and have yet to lose my infatuation with). I know that on the Nightmare forums there are quite a few peeps on there who write fan fiction regularly, and quite frankly I find it rather inspiring. Will they ever make big bucks off of their work? No, probably not, but to see so many people ambitious to stretch their minds creatively and to think deeper into the psychology of characters and the plot of a work is always a great thing, even for personal investment alone. I recently completed my own A Nightmare On Elm Street "sequel", which is as official as my mind is willing to accept any further sequel/film/spin-off at this point in time, and for that reason alone (and the support of some great fans) I'm just as pleased with that work as I've ever been with any. Recently I've also developed a pitch for a Sonic The Hedgehog comic to send to Archie (who owns the rights to the title and already produces two comic book series in its name).

Best of luck with your fan fiction, Poop! Since I'm here, is this a place for us Schmoes to converse about our own ideas and plots with each other or just to say "Yo! I'm into this!"?
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