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My Recent Film Reviews

Hey everyone!

I am brand new to the JoBlo world! I have a blog where I write movie reviews as well as post articles about TV shows and movie/tv news. I will very occassionaly post a video game review as well. Here is a list of my most recent articles:

Regarding the feud between Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon on Community: http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...se-vs-dan.html

Review of the movie "Intruders" - http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...intruders.html

Review of the movie "Mirror Mirror" - http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...or-mirror.html

Review of the movie "Jeff, Who Lives at Home" - http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...s-at-home.html

Review of the movie "The Grey" - http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...w-16-grey.html

Update on Potential Season 2 of "The River" on ABC or Netflix - http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...-of-river.html

Review of the movie "The Hunger Games" - http://mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.c...ger-games.html

Feel free to check out the rest of the blog at www.mikeyatthemovies11.blogspot.com


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