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Friday the 13th: jason goes to hell

plot: jason is blown to shit by swat team members, he comes back thro ppl and hunts down his own remaining blood, the only ones that can truly kill him

review: when this flick was over. i asked myself, "why is it hated so much?" whats so wrong with this flick? if anything, its one of the better fridays out there, and im gonna give it the rightfull props it deserves.

for one, the acting is on and so r the charatcers. we dont get the mindless idiots and bad acting (not that its bad) we found in the first 8, but here we get nice, sympathetic characters that u can feel for. plus, there smart! finally they decide to forget trying to stab jason and just blow him to hell! what a smart idea!

gore and nudity r also in this package, and with great impacts as well. this is BY FAR the goriest friday out there, i wont ruin many surprises but its bloody scene after bloody scene,and we get loads of tna!!! why would this movie be harassed?

lots of ppl (including the arrow himself) have a problem with the "body hoping" aspect. but when u think of it, how else could jason come back? i mean he just BLEW TO SMITHERENS!!! how else can u keep the jason franchise going? major props to the characters who were inhabited by jason, they creeped the hell outta me.

only problem i had was the ending. instead of going for the kill right away, he tosses the lead around untill the girl is finally able to stab him, i didnt like it one bit. kill him already jas!

the other thing ppl hate is that theres barely any jason. well when u think bout that as well, jason usually isnt fully seen untill the end. when ppl die, we see his hands or chest., but never jason. so i dont see what the problem was since it happens in most of the other fridays

this flick pleased me with its fresh ideas, awesome charatcers, kickass scenes, and tons of blood, gore, and tits. what else could go wrong?

acting: steve is a great character, and plays the hero trying to get her to believe him very well. duke was myfavorite by far, liked the acting style. jasons sister was kinda annoying and was the worse friday heroin. kane hodder of coarse kicks ass again

gore:you want it? u got it!!! ppl being sliced in half, brains popping out of heads, tons of heads bashing against walls with nasty effects, arm being broken (sick shit), and an already dead guy disengrating after jason leaves his body. good shit!

tna: we get fresh ass in the first few scenes, and some nice shower scenes, and the tent scene is so arousing its worth it

bottom line: i still dont know why its hated. its the most exciting, bloody, and best character driven friday out there. it dosnt come up to par with 3 and 6, but is able to play with the big boys.
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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

**Some minor spoilers throughout**
**Special Note: This review refers to the unrated version**

Although the ninth entry into the Friday the 13th saga seems to get a lot of slack due to it's reinventing of the storyline I found it to be a refreshing change of pace. This is actually my second favorite entry next to Friday the 13th: Part 2.

Ok, as most of you probably already know this time around the story gets changed a little. After being lured into an open field by an F.B.I. agent Jason is blown to bits. Those bits are then taken in for an autopsy. However, we realize that it's not Jason that's been doing all the killings but an evil lifeforce inside Jason that jumps from body to body! *Gasp* Sounds kind of like The Hidden doesn't it? After becoming entranced by Jason's beating heart, the coroner eats it and becomes the "host" for Jason's evil. Jason then goes on a killing spree while trying to get back to his only blood relatives so that he can be "reborn". Along the way we meet Creighton Duke, a bounty hunter, who claims to know how to stop Jason once and for all.

In my opinion, this entry into the Friday the 13th saga has a lot going for it. For one, I found the storyline change to a refreshing take on the series. Yes, we don't actually see Jason very often but he's still there. I know a lot of people didn't like the change of story but I sure did. Second, this is a very bloody and gory movie. I don't think there's a Friday movie with this much blood and gore in it. There's at least 2 or 3 memorable gore scenes in this movie. Third, this is a very fast paced movie. I found some of the Friday movies to be very slow movie. Not this one. Once the movie gets going and Jason gets lose it's non stop action and gore!

Although the story was cool as was the gore, the acting is what truly hampers the film. Except for Steven Williams as Creighton Duke no one else really stands out. The other characters are pretty much there to help the storyline progress. Kari Keegan and John D. LeMay were all right as Jason's niece and ex-boyfriend, respectively but even they were nothing special. I thought Williams was very good as Creighton Duke I just wish we could have learned more about him.

Overall, this is definately one of my favorite Friday the 13th movies and one I can watch over and over again, if only just for the tent scene.

Final Score - 8/10

Reviewed November 8, 2002
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I liked this film as well 3/4. It tried something new and did feature several entertaining things like some actually good acting, awesome gore(just see the unrated version), good nudity and other good stuff. However I did find the score to be a bit too cheezy and corny at times but it's still good.
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I really like this film, sure most of the acting is shit but the gore.....oh the gore

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I really like this film, sure most of the acting is shit but the gore.....oh the gore
Yeah i agree. The gore was sweet. Like in Freddy VS Jason.
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I am an unabashed Friday fanboy. Overall I enjoy ever single entry on varying levels. Jason 9 is no different. I personally love the whacked out Body Hopping plot. It gives Jason his own cool mythology to work with and I kinda wish is was expanded upon in other sequels. Even though Jas is killing through normal looking people its still the Jason we love. Brutal, nasty, and totally hates those irresponsible campers. I love the glimpses we see of him in mirrors and such, letting us know he's still here.
Even with all these weird new rules this film introduces it still feels like a Friday flick. The gore (which was the best until FVJ came out), the sleazy quality, the music, the cliches...its all there just wrapped in a slightly bigger budget.

My Friday series rankings:
Jason Lives 10/10
FVJ 10/10
Friday part 3 9/10
Jason X 9/10
Friday Part 2 8/10
Friday part 7 8/10
Friday part 1 8/10
Friday part 5 8/10
Friday part 4 7/10
Friday part 9 7/10
Friday part 8 6/10

The remake gets an 8/10 from me as well.
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I saw this film when I was young, probably like 12, and I did like it at the time. I was upset that Jason was missing for most of the film, but I did like it. I watched this film again recently and it was not bad, but far from great. It has an interesting plot, and it seems to be similar to Halloween 6 for Halloween fans.

The ending was very much the best part with Freddy grabbing Jason's mask.
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This was my favorite Friday the 13th out of the whole series.
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