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Needing help with a movie..

I have been trying to find a movie from the late 70's early 80's. I don't remember plot, characters or anything. All I can remember of the film is that before something "violent" happens, it would show a "warning" for people to look away if they had a weak stomache. The screen would turn red and if I remember right it would show a gloved hand making a fist. So...yeah if that rings a bell to anyone I'd love the help.
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It is either "Boarding House" or "And Now the Screaming Starts" as both of them had this gimmick...
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Thanks!! It was "Boarding House". I think anyway! I'll have to find it and watch it to make sure. I couldn't remember anything but the warning until after looking up both titles you mentioned. Thanks again!!
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If you don't mind me tailing on this thread:

There was another movie, it was a horror-comedy, and a doorbell would ring, or something as silly, whenever a murder was about to be committed. For some reason I thought it was a John Landis or Harold Ramis film, but neither of them are linking me to the movie I'm thinking of. I'd seen it ages ago, seems early-80s, and I reckon that it was spoofing the gimmick in Boarding House.
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