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Favorite actors/actresses ages 35 and under

5. Jesse Eisenberg - He can do drama and comedy very well. Absolutely killed it in The Social Network(his Oscar nomination was well deserved imo).

4. Anthony Mackie - If they ever decide to reboot Spawn THIS guy is hands down my choice to play him. He's been in some stinkers over the years(Crossover & Notorious) but he's been great in some films as well (The Hurt Locker, Half Nelson and Spike Lee's Sucker Free City). I look forward to seeing him in Gangster Squad.

3. Ryan Gosling - He was in my favorite film of 2011(Drive) and gonna be in one of my most anticipated films of 2012 (Only God Forgives). It was criminal that he wasn't nominated for an Oscar in 2010 for Blue Valentine.

2. Aaron Paul - My favorite actor on television. His role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad is not to be missed. I'm interested to see him in film roles in the next couple of years.

1. Tom Hardy- This guy has "IT". Period. He was insanely good as Bronson and suave as a motherfucker in Inception. Also his role in Warrior was phenomenal. I have no doubt he'll knock it out of the park as Bane in TDKR.
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Completely agree with your top 5, echo. Especially the underrated Anthony Mackie and Aaron Paul, both of whom I hope (and have no doubt) will only get bigger and start attracting more leading roles in film.

Also at the top of my list: Michael Fassbender (who is 35 this year). His performance in Shame was easily, in my eyes, the best and most powerful male performance of last year and just one of the bravest commitments I've ever seen an actor take on, period. I have no doubt he's gonna be considered one of the true greats, along with Gosling.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well. He's definitely one of the most consistent actors working today and his choices in films shows impeccable taste. And if his amazing performance in Mysterious Skin proved anything (one of the very best performances of the last decade, in my opinion), it's that it would be an understatement to say that he has loads of potential.
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1. Ryan Gosling
2. Michael Pitt
3. Tom Hardy
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
5. Jesse Eisenberg
6. Aaron Paul
7. Jake Gyllenhaal
8. Andrew Garfield
9. Joel Kinnaman
10. Ben Foster


1. Michelle Williams
2. Carey Mulligan
3. Jennifer Lawrence
4. Elizabeth Olsen
5. Saoirse Ronan
6. Anna Kendrick
7. Evan Rachel Wood
8. Chloe Moretz
9. Hailee Steinfeld
10. Rooney Mara
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Great choices guys.

Filmking, I completely agree with you about Fassbender. I still need to see Hunger.

Bourne, nice that you have Michael Pitt so high on your list. He's an underrated actor and I wish he'd get more work.
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Originally Posted by Bourne101 View Post

1. Ryan Gosling


1. Michelle Williams
Agreed. They should do a movie together or something.
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Jason schwartzman
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I'll only do women.

1 Scarlett Johansson
2 Natalie Portman
3 Lindsay Lohan
4 Brittany Murphy (RIP)
5 Keira Knightley
6 Emily Blunt
7 Mila Kunis
8 Alicia Silverstone
9 Amanda Seyfried
10 Hayden Panetierre

Note: Reese Witherspoone would be third, but she got 36 last month.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Michael Fassbender (just makes it!)
Chris Hemsworth


Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Stone
Hayley Atwell
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Michelle Wiliams is hands-down the best ('discovered') actress under 35.
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Jake Gyllenhaal
Ryan Gosling
Emile Hirsch
Justin Timberlake


Anne Hathaway
Jessica Biel
Jessica Chastain
Kirsten Dunst
Scarlett Johansson
Natalie Portman
Keira Knightley
Claire Danes
Rachel McAdams
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