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Cyclical Effect 2012 - a new horror film

Hey Horror fans,

We currently in pre-production on a brand new full length Horror / Drama film and we need your help to get it made.

Short synopsis: Ian goes through a downward spiral as he loses control of everything solid in his life. He must reinvent himself but can he find a perfect match on a dating website and get to where he needs to be before the costumed killer preys on him?

Here's is the IMDb page: www.imdb.com/title/tt2319813/
and the fb page: www.facebook.com/cyclicaleffect

And most importantly, the kickstarter page:

Check out the sweet rewards and see which best suits you.

So please help us out anyway you can, by either donating or getting the word out there. Every little bit helps so much. We will forever be grateful and in your debt. Let's keep independent Horror movies alive!
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