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Wanting to comment on the mobile site

I thought this was a decent suggestion as it really frustrates me when I am on my iPhone on joblo and I want to leave some feedback on a news story. And you cant view other peoples comments. I have to click on the HTML link down the bottom, but half the time that link doesn't work properly, and when it does and I write my comment, it doesn't post.

Is there any way joblo can incorporate a commenting option on their mobile site and a way to view other people comments without having to go through the buggy HTML link?
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Old 04-27-2012, 10:40 PM
I was just looking on top of the Joblo site and l seen the ad for the mobile network
I never knew we had one it goes to show that sometimes we should look abit further on the other things we have on this site

i think the qestion you have asked is a good one

I know sometimes on facebook when you are using a mobile it is hard to comment and sometimes the internet is not so good depending where you are
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