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Junior Seau Shot - Dead?

A couple of news sites including TMZ are saying that there was a shooting at Seau's place and some are saying he might be dead. Sucky news if true, he was always a great player and back in my card collecting days, he was one I would always try to snatch up.

I will update, or if someone else beats me to it, once more is released.
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Wow, TMZ is reporting that Junior is dead. Hopefully it was not a suicide. I konw he had some issue a year or so ago when he drove his car off a cliff. He said it wasnt a suicide attempt then but it was odd.

RIP Junior
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Yeah I saw this on facebook, rumored to be a suicide. Very sad news.....RIP Junior.
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Old 05-02-2012, 02:07 PM
Yea seems to be a self inflicted gunshot to the chest. Shame. TMZ mentioned another player Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest also in 2010 and left a note so his brain could be used in concussion studies. I wonder if Junior had the same intention? I know Junior had a handful of them himself. Such a shame.
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Junior was an amazing LB, he played hard and was a downright beast. This is really a sad day for football fans.
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