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Action Movies

I used to love writing action scripts, havent done it in a while though, mainly due to lack of inspiration/ideas!

So what are your favorite action movies/ or just scenes?
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Love the Crank flicks. Transporter series is fun. Kill Bill Vol's 1 & 2 are enjoyable as well. The Bourne Series, comic book flicks like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man etc. as well as the Die Hard Series are very cool.

I was a bit disappointed with Machete though, to be honest. I may have to give it a second watch though.

I also like some epic action flicks like Troy, Braveheart, Gladiator, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Alexander, The Warriors, etc.

Good times!
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Will keep this short, there tons that are well known so I won't post them.

Last Action Hero
The Last Boyscout
Man on Fire - specifically love the 5 minute countdown
Bad Boys 2 - MacArthur Causeway sequence
The Island - Train wheels

oh and Sudden Death

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Face Off (one of my favorite action films)
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I think I prefer ones with a little supernatural or sci fi twist. I really need to see Lockout.
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End of.
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Seven Samurai
13 Assassins

The Killer
Hard Boiled
Ip Man

The Raid

Leon/The Professional

Die Hard
The Rock
Terminator 2
The Matrix
The Dark Knight
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It doesn't get any better than the last 20 minutes of The Road Warrior.

The car chases in these are also great:

To Live And Die In LA
The Good, The Bad, And The Weird (Not really a car chase, but still awesome)
The Seven-Ups
The French Connection

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I have to put Equilibrium up here since no one else did. Come on, Gunkata totally owns!

What about Dirty Harry? Or would cop flicks get there own category?

Also The Matrix even though the sequels sucked. And we can't have an action movie thread without mention of 48 Hours, the best buddy/cop flick ever.
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Movies with ridiculous body counts like The Killer, Cobra, King of New York(very underrated).

Drive Angry was a surprisingly good action flick.

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Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are two of my favorite pure action movies; by "pure" I mean that they don't really fall into any other genre (sci-fi, war, epic, etc.). The two movies have great action sequences, great stories, and great characters. Their sequels aren't too shabby either, but the originals are pure action fun.
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Well. Lord of the rings have great action fights.
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Indy series
Die Hard
Rambo series
Hard Boiled
Lethal Weapon series
Various James Bond flicks
The Matrix
Mad Max series
Various superhero flicks (mainly Spider-Man 2, Dark Knight, X2/First Class, Iron Man 1/2, Hulk 03 and now Avengers for the best action)
The Warriors

Most (but not all) of my prefered action flicks.

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