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Gantz : Part I & Part II

Gantz is a live adaptation of an anime which itself was based on a popular manga. Much like Death Note ( a similar live adaptation ) , the sheer volume of source material made it close to impossible to crunch in a 120 minutes movie so the result was 2 movies but it's more like a 4 hours movie.

Even the trailer refers to it as a 2 movies event and includes scenes from both : TRAILER HERE and it's pretty awesome

First of all , I'd like to point out that I didn't read the manga nor watched the anime version before. From what i read across the net is that the nudity was almost completely removed and that the violence was toned down a bit. My review is based on the live adaptation only.


Story : Kei and Masaru are waiting for the subway when a drunk falls onto the train. While trying to rescue the guy , they find themselves killed by the train. Next, they awake in a white room with a big black ball in the middle. The ball is controlled by a comatose guy inside called Gantz who informs our 2 friends and other people who died that day that they have been chosen to kill aliens who are roaming the earth. Each kill rewards them with points and once they get to 100 points , they can either go back to their previous life or ressurect someone who died.

Review : Since part 1 is mostly about setting the table , I was left with a lot of unanswered questions after but it does a pretty job at getting the wheels in motion.

On the good side : For a blockbuster movie , it's got plenty of course stuff like sci-fi , guns , sword-fights , destruction. The acting looked pretty decent but it was hard to tell since i watched a french dubbed version. The FX are on par with what Hollywood delivers. The aliens were pretty weird ( leek-man , mechanical toy soldier , 12 sword Shiva statue , etc ) but made for interesting fights. More than once , i was on the edge of my seat saying WOW HAHA !

On the not-so-good side : The pacing is uneven (aka stop-n-go) and there's not a lot of character development/backstory. One thing that pissed me off was that i also found myself often screaming at the screen : OMG ! SHOOT ALREADY DAMN IT.

Rating : 7.5/10

Gantz II - Perfect Answer

Story : Set 5 months after the events of part I, Kei is close to getting the 100 points he needs but the Black Blood aliens are coming to put an end to the game. With the help of the new & old friends , Kei must save the girl he loves while facing betrayal from within, a nosy policeman and the vengeful aliens out to destroy Gantz.

Review : Since the premise is already explained , Part II concentrates only on 2 things : Action and answers. While delivering on the action and aswering some questions ( mostly about backstories ) , I fell the important ones where left out. Like any blockbuster tho , sometimes we just need to accept things and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is!! The train scene alone last for a good 25 minutes and that's close to the beginning. If the first one was "stop-and-go" , Part 2 is gogogogo. The characters are also more experienced at playing the game which made for a less-irritable experience.

Rating : 8.5/10

Overall , it was a pretty enjoyable experience mixing the best elements from The Matrix , Terminator , Tron , Blade , etc fuelled by good FX and great camera work. Excellent popcorn movies.
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