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Pixar Sequels

http://entertainment.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/18/12811046-sequel-to-finding-nemo-maybe-toy-story-4-not-so-fast?lite&__utma=14933801.1977892332.1342640546.13 42709334.1342712395.4&__utmb=14933801.2.10.1342712 395&__utmc=14933801&__utmx=-&__utmz=14933801.1342640546.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|ut mccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=14933801.|8=Ear ned%20By=msnbc%7Ccover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixe d=1^13=Landing%20Hostname=www.nbcnews.com=1^30=Vis it%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__u tmk=72597139

Sequel to 'Finding Nemo'? Maybe. 'Toy Story 4'? Not so fast ...

By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, NBC News, and Courtney Garcia, NBC News contributor

Fans of Pixar animation had a field day Tuesday when stories about sequels to "Finding Nemo," "Toy Story" and "Monsters Inc." all popped up. But are they all true? Some reports have more basis in fact than others.

A representative of Disney told NBC News that Pixar does not comment on development, but that hasn't stopped the speculation.

Let's look at each film individually.

'Finding Nemo'
Though Nemo and Marlin's story seemed to wrap up quite tidily when the lost clownfish was reunited with his dad in 2003, you'll soon be seeing more dimensions of the little orange fish onscreen. A 3-D version of "Nemo" hits theaters on Sept. 14.

But what about "Finding Nemo 2"? On Tuesday, Deadline.com reported that director Andrew Stanton, who wrote and directed the first "Nemo" and also co-wrote "Monsters Inc.," and the "Toy Story" films, will direct a sequel. No confirmation from Pixar, but The Hollywood Reporter says that television writer Victoria Strouse will be writing the script while Lindsey Collins is producing, and that the film likely will be released in 2016.

However, Stanton himself created more fuel for the rumor fire late Tuesday when he tweeted, "Didn't you all learn from Chicken Little? Everyone calm down. Don't believe everything you read. Nothing to see here now. #skyisnotfalling."

'Toy Story 4'
Rumors that Woody, Buzz and the gang would reunite drove movie fans into an Internet rumor frenzy. Many were suspicious from the start, since the third film in the trilogy tied things up so neatly, with Andy driving off to college and handing his beloved toys over to young Bonnie to start a whole new life.

It seems that some of the rumors were sparked by a year-old BBC interview with Tom Hanks, voice of "Toy Story's" Woody. Hanks begins by talking about "Larry Crowne," his 2011 film with Julia Roberts, and is then asked about his granddaughter.

"Will there be a 'Toy Story 4' for her to see?" reporter Tim Muffett asks.

"I think there will be, yeah," Hanks says. "I think they're working on it now."

Some people now say that Hanks was referring to "Toy Story" shorts, such as "Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation," which aired before "Cars 2," or "Small Fry," which aired before "The Muppets," but others disagree. The reporter clearly asked about "Toy Story 4," but what that meant to Hanks is open for debate.

It's also possible that the "Toy Story 4" rumors came out of an online Disney book catalog that was spotted by numerous blogs and movie fans. The text in that catalog now reads "Three new Toy Story toons are in development to support franchise publishing in 2012. 'Hawaiian Vacation' released with 'Cars 2' in theaters and on DVD. 'Small Fry' released theatrically with 'The Muppets,' and all will begin airing on the Disney Channel in early 2012

But according to screengrabs on movie blogs, including The Rotoscopers, that text has been edited. It originally also said, "In addition, two 22-minute TV specials are in the works for October 2013 and Spring 2014."

Whether it was Hanks' 2011 comment or the book catalog that sparked the "Toy Story 4" rumors, fans are having fun suggesting plotlines. If a fourth film is made, some are hoping for a prequel, showing Woody's life with Andy's (late?) father. Others want to see Woody, Jessie, Buzz and the gang having adventures with new owner Bonnie.

'Monsters University'
The 2001 Pixar film "Monsters Inc." will be getting a prequel in 2013. No rumors here -- a trailer for the film has already been shown before the movie "Brave" in theaters, and features monstrous pals Mike and Sulley meeting up in college. Apparently Monsters U is an "Animal House" type of school, with lampshade-on-head parties and Sulley pasting squares of mirrored glass on Mike to turn him into a disco ball.

'The Incredibles'
It's not getting the attention of "Toy Story," "Nemo" and "Monsters," but director Brad Bird continues to hint at a sequel to his popular animated comedy, "The Incredibles." "I would not say no to ['The Incredibles 2'], because I really love that world and I love those characters," Bird told IFC back in March. "If I can figure out a complete thing -- you know, I have a lot of ideas that I love -- but the whole story, I haven’t got it yet."

Other Pixar films to come reportedly include "The Good Dinosaur," supposedly about a world where dinosaurs never became extinct and scheduled for 2013, and two untitled films -- one about the Mexican Dia de los Muertos holiday and another set inside the human mind.
Finding Nemo - I would rather not
Monsters 2 - I will see it, because of my kids, but this was my least fav Pixar movie. I think a sequel is a bad idea
The Incredibles 2: I would like to see this sequel. There are a lots of ways to go with this one. Wealth of material
Toy Story 4- The Search For More Money. They finished the story.
I would rather see them do original concepts, but they are owned by Disney and Disney likes money, so I hope if they do more sequels, they come out with 3 in 2 years than 1 a year like now.
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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
The Incredibles 2: I would like to see this sequel. There are a lots of ways to go with this one. Wealth of material

That's the only sequel I'd anticipate. Pixar has a very strong track record, so I'll most likely see anything they do. The only movies of theirs I didn't see in theaters were Cars and Cars 2. If they make those other sequels, I'll go, but I wouldn't be looking forward to them the way I would an Incredibles 2. Especially if they get Brad Bird to do it.

Pixar has been one of the most consistent stapes in animated movie history. Now that Disney ran out of fairy tales and Hayao Miyazaki is pretty hands off at Studio Ghibli, I think Pixar movies are the only animated features I consistently care about. Here's hoping they don't let sequels destroy their originiality completely.
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Disney & Pixar used to breathe fresh air into Hollywood with their original stories and exciting animation but with them turning to sequels and films with poor, flimsy plots (Brave), I fear that they are joining everyone else and just copying remakes of copies.

Finding Nemo was great but how on Earth would you be able to tell another story about Nemo and keep things interesting. Dory (DeGeneres) was so good but how would she be involved without it becoming overwhelmingly repititious?

It is a mistake for them to make a prequel to Monsters, Inc. because it's not needed.

Everyone has been clamoring for a sequel to the Incredibles (which I think is a great idea actually) but Disney / Pixar is basically saying, "nah, we'll just make sequels for every other movie we've made instead"

Cars 2? Cars is the worst movie that this powerhouse has made and then they went and made a sequel to it! Why? Because it's easier to make merchandise and toys for another Cars movie than it is for something original like Up or Wall E.

Disney and Pixar needs to get their crap together. Brave was a bad indication that they are running out of GOOD, original ideas. With Dreamworks making How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians, we may see a switch in the kings of animation very soon.
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I really hope they don't do another Toy Story; it's hard to wrap up a trilogy as well as the Toy Story trilogy ended. It was perfect. Tacking on another movie to the series will diminish how well the series ended (or should have ended).

If they do make a sequel to Finding Nemo, they shouldn't make it Finding Nemo 2 but some other activity involving Nemo . . . Schooling Nemo, Punishing Nemo, whatever. If the fish gets lost again, then you're just remaking the first.

The Incredibles 2 can't come soon enough.

I loved Monsters, Inc. and am looking forward to the next one.
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Yeah, another Toy Story would be stupid. Toy Story is really a perfect trilogy. Everything came full circle. We really don't need any thing else.

The only Pixar film that deserves a sequel in my opinion at this point is Incredibles.

But again, I'm open to whatever they dish out. While I'd prefer to see them stay unique (the more I think about it, the more I really liked Brave) I have enough faith that they'll deliver. The Cars franchise is the only exception.
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Its too bad Pixar is owned by Disney. I'd love for them to become their own thing, but Disney would never allow it.
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Ever since Disney acquired Pixar, completely, there have been more sequels coming from Pixar and somewhat a decrease in overall quality. Let Toy Story be, Monsters Inc. doesn't need a prequel, Cars shouldn't have even been made--let alone get a sequel--Finding Nemo was found, he doesn't need to be lost again. And if you're going to make a sequel, make another The Incredibles.
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I felt like the ONLY two pixar movies which deserved sequels were Toy Story and The Incredibles.

However, right now, I hope they leave Toy Story alone, like Catwoman recently said. "You don't owe these people anymore, you've given them everything."

And yes Toy Story gave us a story in full circle, move on Pixar, move on.

(although I don't mind the short films, just not another full length film. Leave greatness as is)
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Originally Posted by DorkisFig View Post
It is a mistake for them to make a prequel to Monsters, Inc. because it's not needed.
With all due respect, how many sequels/prequels that have ever been made have been genuinely "needed"?

A part of me wouldn't mind seeing a "Toy Story: The Bonnie Years" trilogy... but is there enough material there for 3 more stories without starting to repeat themselves? But, yes, "The Incredibles" is still the only already-made Pixar movie that truly lends itself to a sequel.
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