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How Should I Arrange My DVD Collection?

I bought some new shelves today and have to put them all back. This has probably been asked a lot before but how should I arrange my DVDs?
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I have an odd way of arranging mine. I get a bit OCD'ish, but yeah... Mostly by genre I think. Comedies, Horrors, Dramas, etc. but then it kinda breaks down from there on title (which isn't alphabetical) and it really only seems to make sense in my head at that point. LoL!
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Alphabetical, there is no other way.

Honestly though, I couldn't imagine having my collection in any other order. I've had numerous friends gander through them and sarcastically ask "Are these in alphabetical order!?" - like I'm the idiot. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.
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Unless you plan on cross-referencing and take into account overlapping genre's I would suggest Alphabetical!
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So when you guys go the alphabetical route.... What about movies that start with "The"? Does it go in the "T" section, or whatever the following word after it would be?
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You drop the "The" Start with the next word. Example: "The Dark Knight Rises" you put it in the "D's" You should google search how to alphabetize and it will explain how to do it all. Also, any movies that begin with a number "1408" "3:10 to Yuma" you spell it out if you want to. I just put them at the beginning of my collection, with a tab labeled "Numbers" Not correct by the rules of alphabetizing, but a personal preference.
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Yeah, I think I'll just do alphabetical. It'll be more easy to find things and even though the genre specifics will be gone, I.E, if I'm in the mood to watch a comedy, I can just scroll over the movies regardless. Thanks guys!
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Mine are currently arranged in a mess. If I were to tidy them up, genre catagories would be the way.
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I go alphabetical by case if that makes sense. Box sets go together, hd dvd and blu-ray, tv shows, and those terrible cardboard boxes are by themselves. You just have to know what you're looking for when you head in.
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lol I just shove that shit onto the shelves

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.
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Mine are done by genre (I ended up combining Sci-Fi and Horror though) and then alphabetic from there. There are some exceptions like I have The Dark Knight right after Batman Begins and I grouped the Jack Ryan movies together. In those cases whatever the first movie chronologically is, i put it there. So I've got the Jack Ryans under H for Hunt for Red October.
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Mine are done by Genre and then from there it is just movies that go together get grouped together!

I will have my TV show section with the end of the being childrens shows, those childrens shows lead into my family/ kid movies which leads into comedy. Comedy runs the gambit, but I saved movies like oceans 11 and Catch me if you can for the end of that which leads nicely into drama, which leads into action which leads into sci fi which leads into horror.

Then at the end is where I keep my Stand Up collection and other miscellaneous titles (Like my World Series and Super Bowl box sets)
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