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Tales From the Crypt

I was just kind of curious if people on this site realize how good Tales from the Crypt is.

I own the first 6 seasons on DVD, and basically 1-5 are GREAT horror. One of my favorite things about the show is how it is a different director/cast every episode.

Direction from Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, Tom Holland, Howard Deutch(Pretty In Pink/Some Kind of Wonderful), Walter Hill, William Friedkin, De Souza(Die Hard).

Acting from Kirk Douglas, Lithgow, Tim Curry, Patricia Arquette, Demi Moore, Lea Thompson, Andrew McCarthy, Jon Lovitz and a ton of others.

I am a big fan of 80s movies in general. This is basically the very end of great Campy Horror, and it is done by literally the best American Directors of that time.

PLEASE, if you have not really sat down and watched some of these episodes, find a way to watch a couple seasons.

Forever Ambergris - staring Steve Buschemi is as gruesome as it gets. Straight up great Horror.
Mournin' Mess is another just straight up DARK, brilliantly atmospheric episode.

Four Sided Triangle, Showdown, King of the Road, Dead Right, Television Terror, Yellow
are some other classics.

Any other Crypt fans around here?

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I've not watched it in probably over 15 years or more.... But I too enjoyed this TV series. Kind of like a different sorta "Twilight Zone" in it's cult following and crazy storytelling.

I need to get these on DVD (along WITH the Twilight Zone) at some point.
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It isn't all that much like the Twilight Zone ^

Love Twilight Zone as well though...

But yea like you said almost a different kind of Twilight Zone. Tales from the crypt is almost always more guesome. Crypt is way more campy, and a lot more horror driven as well.

Tales from the Crypt is great for anyone who is into 80s/early 90s camp horror. Camp horror today is basically GONE. Comedy as a whole has taken a huge hit since the 80s and early 90s. There is nothing better than good camp horror. Hollywood has been making some pretty decent Horror films lately, but all of them are so serious. Black Swan for example. Great film but I personally like movies like the Lost Boys or Nightmare on Elm St. better when it comes to Horror.

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Well different themes, TZ & TFTC have the same sorta 30 minute crazy/story premise and cult following. That's what I meant. I enjoy camp horror, but I love serious Horror like Black Swan and others like Session 9, Funny Games etc. as well.
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I use to love TFTC but I haven't sat down and enjoyed an episode since I was in my late teens. I'd buy the sets but I know I'd never have time to watch them. Eh, that's what memories are for.
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I'm a huge fan of Horror anthologies and Tales From The Darkside, but I've never seen an entire episode of Crypt, despite everybody telling me that it's better than The Darkside.

I do enjoy the Tales From The Crypt film, however!!
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It really is better than Darkside. I mean you have directors like Richard Donner who directed GREAT films like The Goonies, Superman, Lethal Weapon 1 and 2. Each episode is like a 30 minute movie. Almost every episode has a big time actor or two in it as well.

You really should check out a couple episodes if you can. The first season is great, but 2, 3, 4, and 5, are my favorite.

I don't know if you download stuff to your computer, but I'm sure you could download episodes from the internet rather easier.

I highly recommend watching Forever Ambergris staring Steve Buschemi from season 5 to get a taste of what the show is all about.
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No Kidding ...

I keep Forever Ambergris on my personal media player and have recommended it to pretty much anybody that I know who likes horror.

In all honestly, I found Tales all hit and miss with the last season being miss (when filmed in England if I recall correctly). Four Sided Triangle was another hit with Patricia Arquette.

Personally, I really liked Top Billing with Jon Lovitz (dug the somewhat basic twist) and Split Second sticks with me because of the gross out ending. Finally, Tim Curry fans MUST check out Death of Some Salesmen. He was unreal and the episode was really good twisted humor that Arrow readers would have to enjoy.
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Yea Four Sided Triangle is definitely one of my favorites.

It definitely was hit or miss but there really are about 30 episodes worth watching.

Seasons 1-5 have more good episodes than bad.
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I loved the show and would tune in almost every week to watch it. I have most of the seasons on DVD. I'm curious though Craven what's your opinion of the two feature films. Personally, I love them. I have always wanted to meet Billy Zane to tell him how much he rocked Demon Knight!
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I enjoy both of the feature films. Watched the first half of Bordello of Blood not too long ago. I think I like Demon Knight a little better. Scared me quite a bit more. I like the a lot of the episodes better than the feature films for some reason. I actually do not own either of those movies. I need to rent those things ASAP.
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I haven't seen any episodes in a while, but my favorite episodes would include:

Fitting Punishment - I don't remember the specifics of the episode too much but the ending was unforgettable.

Abra Cadaver - The idea behind this episode makes it one of the scariest ones.

None But The Lonely Heart - The end scared the shit out of me when I first saw it. I didn't see it coming. That Tom Hanks directed this surprises me.

Forever Ambergris - Roger Daltry made a great bastard and it's hard to imagine a worse death than Steve Buscemi's.

Doctor Of Horror - Another unforgettable ending.
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I don't understand why HBO has not made this show available on HBO GO but I hope they do.
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One of my favorite shows of all time. Some episodes are better then others, but most of them offer up the entertainment goods. Season 6 was a step down but still had some gems while 7 just sucked.

1-5 are the best by far.
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Lots of these could have been made into full length feature movies, they were that good imo.

A particular episode that stood out was Superman running a restraunt having Jud Nelson going out and killing people then cooking them up and serving them to the public. They even ate meatloaf lol.
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