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Sir Christopher Lee > Chuck Norris

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...he's still alive while being in his nineties.
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Okay, this I can get behind.

He also played Fu Manchu and the leader of a gay biker gang in Serial. When Martin Mull accuses him of "leading a bunch of pansies" he gets all irate. "My men and I are NOT 'pansies'! We are tough dudes! We've terrorized entire towns!"
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Not to mention he's related to the actual James Bond writer/creator Ian Fleming
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The man's a stud.

NSFW (sort of):

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The "When told by Peter Jackson to imagine how someone being stabbed in the back sounds, he told him he didnt have to imagine it." bit reads like a Dos Equis commercial sounds; and sounds as if its implying HE stabbed someone who wronged him in the back or something.

Cracks me up.
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