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What a fascinating documentary! I was blown away by just how secretive the MPAA was and then the fact that they had members of the clergy attend appeals. How such a board exists is this day and time is mind-boggling considered how much power they hold.

We had issues with the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) over here for many years. Films like The Exorcist, A Clockwork Orange and Straw Dogs were banned for many years, but in around 1997 a new director was put in charge and all those banned films were released.

That was glaringly obvious from TFINYT was that all the MPAA are concerned with is censoring sex rather than violence. The BBFC are almost completely the opposite. Films are still cut for violence to this day, for example The Expendables was R rated in the USA and a 15 in Britain. They acheived the 15 rating by cutting 1 single scene of Stallone sticking a knife into someone's throat.

I always found it strange that the MPAA were so concerned with protecting the country's youth from sex, but then now knowing that members of the clergy are on the board, it's no longer particularly surprising.
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