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What the liberal media does!

I know this is political, but I am not allowed in the political threads, so I am posting here. So there!


Watch the video clip and you will see exactly how the liberal media tries to make it seem like EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN for the last 24 years is stupid. That is what they do. From Bush Sr and Dan Quayle to now Mitt Romney.

I am not saying the people of both parties have not made their share of mistakes and I am not this ultra right wing guy. Actually, I took a test online and it said I am Post Modern. I am more liberal when it comes to social stuff. But seriously, this video clip shows how nbc is just a joke. I know many of you think Fox is a joke and sometimes they are, but so is NBC, MSNBC and all the others. This is not the first and nor will it be the last attempt to make Mitt appear to be stupid. What this is by NBC is just a joke and should once again apologize for this fancy editing.

I know it is beyond most of you to stick to the topic at hand, but try to watch the clip and comment on it and not other nonsense about Fox like you usually do.
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"The liberal media."

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Originally Posted by Squid Vicious View Post
"The liberal media."

Pretty much what I was thinking.
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